Sunday, October 6, 2019

1st, 100th, FINALLY!!

** Photo transfer issues so will put on some photos from the camera rather than the ones on the phone**

WOO HOO!!!   FIRST Wegmans in North Carolina!! 100th of their stores!!  Wegmans has ARRIVED!!   Grand opening of the new Wegmans last Sunday in Raleigh, NC..... I waited two days and went on Tuesday.... here are photos:

So happy to have a Wegmans nearby again.... Wegmans has always done a "bit more" for their customers -- IE:  Apple signage in produce has the name of the apple, what the taste/texture is and maybe what it is best for - snacks, baking, cooking, etc:

Over in the Meat Dept they have plastic bags to slip your packaged meats in and their signage above that will tell you their pricing VS two other popular competitors in your area:

Plus they have a fresh Floral Shop, Bakery, various food bars, Cheese Shoppe, deli section, fish section, and on and on:

and so much more... you can order a pizza from the pizza shop, a sub from the sub shop, stop at the Sushi Bar, etc..  If you can't find it in this store then I am guessing you won't need it..... plus it sells a lot of groceries/brands the locals don't..... A fun stop for sure.... and as a shopper not only you get to have a fun shopping experience.... but in the end your grocery cart also gets a ride:

This is my grocery cart getting a ride on the cart escalator next to me on the way to the car in the ramp garage -- free parking (and shade - haha)..... LOVE they are here now and happy the DSD is on their management team at this store!! YAY!!

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