Wednesday, October 9, 2019

This and that . . . and here and there . . .

Decided to revamp the craft room in a major way to make room for a much better layout. I have a table in the craft room but it seems to be a catch all on the table top.  I stand when I am crafting so having a table and chair in here taking up valuable space was not working. Decided to walk the craft room and look at it from all angles and decide what works, what doesn't, and what to do to improve the use of this room?  Thought about a new layout for a couple of days, drawing out changes on scrap card stock and then tweaking that. . . .  With a plan made the changes began. . .

First to go was the table and chair - they will get much more use in the sewing room so that is their new home. As for the craft room that gave me the space to move my workbench, (DH had built me a couple of years ago to my specs) (see photo) and that has made a big change in here.  Ended up moving the workbench about 8 inches back but that has made a huge difference in the room:

Before on the other side of the workbench was the table and chair. I had originally kept the table and chair in the craft room in case I had someone come over to stamp or craft here but I find I go to classes and do not have other stampers over to stamp. With deciding to move out the table and chair this gave me a lot of space to reorganize and move other furniture around.

Now on the backside of the workbench I have put all my wheeled carts that hold various card stocks and such in IRIS bins:

Two of these units I had bought new on sale and two I had bought used. It is going to work much better having all of these together in a row rather than here and there or wherever they would fit in the craft room... while I was moving things around I decided the "X" storage containers by Deflecto that I had all the coloured pencils in were not working. They took up too much room and many times the pencils would fall out of the holders or if I went to move them again pencils would fall out. Awhile back I had made a trip to IKEA and was going to use these holders for another storage use but I decided these would work much better than the Deflecto storage system. I had bought 5 of them for the other thing I was going to use them for and 5 was all I needed for the coloured pencils so this worked out quite well for them:

Also I am finishing up BOO Day projects and cards and such and moving onto Thanksgiving and Christmas crafting. Last weekend I went to a used stamp sale and was able to pick up a few new to me crafting items for Christmas. I used IKEA bins that I have on hand and labeled one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. In these bins I put items I have picked up for both holidays and craft projects. Here is a photo of the two bins:

In the Thanksgiving bin are some dollar store craft items and two spools of holiday ribbons that my PIC (stamping Partner In Crime) had picked up for me. In the second bin I have Christmas items. Here is a better photo of that to show the items I picked up at last weekend's sale:

Happy me that one of the crafters at the sale was selling her gold sparkly holiday picks for 10 cents a piece. I bought them all and I will cut them apart for the projects that I want to use them on. Also the silver and gold cording will get lots of use for the holidays.  As well as the holiday ribbons from Really Reasonable Ribbon in the holiday pack. Having all the misc items in a bin will be easy to take them all to the workbench when I am working on projects for that holiday. It also keeps odds and ends together that I would want to use.

Looking around I would say the room is 3/4 done so have a few more things to finish but this certainly is a good start and hoping to have it all done by this weekend for sure.  Sometimes change is hard but it can also be good as well -- If I can't find it I can't use it ... so hoping this new layout will eliminate that problem..... or that is the plan at least!  ;0)

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