Saturday, June 13, 2020

More BOO Day Bag Toppers

Had shared these BOO Day bag toppers earlier this week on the blog:

But I also made other bag toppers using a printed card stock on the front of the bag topper:

How I cut the front printed card stock panel was I put the bag topper die onto a piece of the printed card stock and die cut that out:

I laid the handle die onto this piece and used washi tape to hold that in place to cut it out:

Removed the die and that gave me the printed panel for the front of the bag topper:

Here is a photo to show this piece on the bag topper front:

To add the glittered black tulle to the bottom of the bag topper I attach it to the back of the front of the bag. I use a ruler and make a pencil line and use tear and tape over the pencil line. I cut the tulle a little more than twice the width of the bag topper and I fold the tulle in half and put this in the center of the bag topper:

I push the tulle into the tape in the center and then do both ends the same way. With those three points done I just evenly lay the tulle across the tape and press it down. Once it is all on I use another piece of tear and tape over that to hold the pleats in place. I either put a piece of ribbon over this or use washi tape over it to give the inside of the bag topper a more finished look and to help keep the gathered tulle in place. Using scissors I trim away the tulle to the length I want the bag topper to have:

With that all done I can now decorate the front of the bag topper with die cuts or stickers or whatever. Easy die to use and being able to dress up the front with printed card stock also adds dimension. Another use for this bag topper die by Sizzix/Lori Whitlock. 

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