Saturday, June 27, 2020

Sequin Clusters

Had seen a video on YouTube showing Sequin Clusters and after watching that I traced this idea back to Ana at Serenity Creations. Clever idea to add sparkle and shine to a project as well as helping to use the massive sequin collection up.....  Here is a photo of the clusters I made:

I used circle punches and heart punches for my 110# card stock bases. Here is a better photo of the heart clusters:

The red/white/pink sequins on the hearts are sequins from a Valentine set at Hobby Lobby. For the fall colour sequins I mixed a few colours together. Here is another photo:

As Ana suggested after I dipped into the sequins I left them flat to dry as if you turn it upside the loose sequins will fall off and that leaves you spaces to fill with more sequins.  Once the clusters were dry I added a few sequins here and there to fill areas that showed. Some of my clusters are higher than others that I made - on the videos you can see higher and lower clusters depending on the shape used or the sizes of the sequins.  Thanks to Ana for sharing her idea originally.

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Bonnie said...

So sparkly and fun! I'm impressed that you have a head start on Halloween and Valentine's Day!