Saturday, December 26, 2020

Now for the Snow Family . . .

Many years ago, as an beginning stamper, I had gone to a stamping show where I came across Morningstar Stamps. Not only was I attracted to the displays at their booth but the great stamp images and word stamps. A bigger plus to their booth was how affordable their products were!

Pam M. is the owner of   and she is very helpful if you should have any questions about anything. Years ago I bought both her small Snowman Face stamp and her large Snowman Face stamp for projects I was working on. (They are under "Snowmen" on her home page). The first project I bought the smaller stamp for was Snuggets that I make every year for Christmas treat holders:

Snuggets have the Hershey Nugget candies inside and I used the finger tip of bath gloves from the Dollar Tree for their hats.  Again using the small Snowman Face stamp I made two "tie ons" for gift bags or a treat holder. First is a wooden craft stick cut in half and painted and stamped:

I also have used the circle tags from the office supply store that have the metal piece on the edge for another "tie on":

I also used the larger Snowman Face stamp for some tags I had made:

Every year these two Snowman Face stamps get used in this craft room and this year I wanted to make something different than what I have made in the past. . .  Did not have a pattern so I stamped each stamp onto scrap white card stock and figured out dimensions from there.... 

Out to the garage to ask DH to cut wood scraps for me and with his talents I began the Snow Family. Here they are in their Christmas photo - ;0)

Have seen wooden snowmen with fleece hats and scarves but I did not have any fleece.... but I do have lots of Christmas prints and fat quarters so I rummaged through those and found three prints that would work together. To begin with here are rough measurements for the snowmen;

Dad (plaid hat) is approx 8" high by 2 5/8: wide

Mom (holly print hat) is approx 7" high by 2 1/4" wide

Kid (dotted hat) is 5 3/8" high by 1 1/4" wide

DH cut the wood and lightly sanded them to avoid splinters and I asked him to mount them on an old paint stick he had on the workbench so they would be free standing. I painted them with white acrylic paint from the stash that I had picked up at a craft store. Set them aside to dry well.  I cut all the hats/scarves using scissors and really no measurements other than by sight or by how big the fabric scrap piece I had on hand. Using an extra small and a small circle punch I punched circles out of flocked black card stock for their buttons. I stamped the Snowman Face stamps onto clear packaging so I would be able to use that to line up the face stamps on the wooden pieces.  Stamped all the faces at one time and set those aside to dry. 

Used left over holiday die cuts for the snowflakes and holly pieces on their hats. For the black flocked buttons I used just a dab of hot glue to put them on the bodies. Ironed my fabric pieces so they would be smooth and I put the fabric on the wooden snowmen using tear and tape on front, back, and sides of the wooden snowmen and I tied them with red and white twine. I added a little Glossy Accents behind the twine bow to keep it in place and tied. Used hot glue to add the snowflakes/crystals and holly pieces to the brims of their hats. Used scissors to cut the "scarf" pieces for each snowman. Used an orange marker for the noses. 

Here is a photo to show the two sizes of the Morningstarstamp snowman face stamps next to each other:

Dad and Mom Snow have the larger face stamp and the kid has the smaller face stamp. These stamps stamp so nicely with no problems and you can't help but smile when you see them! Happy I finally was able to make my Snow Family as I have wanted to work on them for sometime now and they are perfect for a table top since they are free standing... a big thanks to DH for making them from his scraps to my specs and to Morningstar for such cute stamps! TFL


Anonymous said...

Candee your snow family is charming. Hugs and smiles, Reva

Bonnie said...

You are tempting me, Candee! The snow people are awesome and I love the tags too! You and your DH make a very creative team! Happy New Year!

Ann D said...

Morningstar Stamps are terrific! Their images are wonderful, the sentiments are spot-on, and the stamps stamp really well. I'm so glad you posted about this family-owned company, which I also discovered at a show many years ago and have been ordering from since. I love all your ideas, too. Thanks for sharing!

Lora said...

Thank you for posting this. I love to make snowmen. In the summer when it is so hot outside I enjoy coming indoors after a few hours of gardening to make cool snowmen.

This way I have my snowmen projects done and ready for Christmas. I will make some of your cute ideas.

Lora said...

Thank you for the cute snowmen ideas.

Each summer when it is hot outside I enjoy coming in doors and making cool snowmen. I have all my snowmen done and ready for the next Christmas. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Candee said...

Hi Ladies -- thanks for the nice comments. Ann, the nice thing about Morningstar is not only their displays at the shows but their pricing is affordable. Some of the other vendors at the shows have smaller stamps or single images and very high pricing. Plus their quality is very good! Lora, I know there are lots more things to make with the Snowman Face stamps and I always try to use them in different ways but I have to say the Snuggets are everyone's favorites for sure - probably due to the chocolate inside! Bonnie, Happy New Year to you as well and Ladies thanks for your blog visit and comments! May we all have a great New Year in 2021! Candee P

Candee said...

Reva -- Nice to hear from you and thanks for your blog visit and nice comment on the Snow Family. . . I wanted to post them sooner but Santa arrived before I was ready! ;0) Happy New Year! Candee P