Saturday, March 13, 2021

No where to be found . . .

 Different videos on YouTube featuring Easter crafting items for DIYers from the Dollar Tree . . .  Loved the wooden bunnies and wooden ovals/egg shapes that Anna Wight had shown on a couple of her videos for Easter projects. Off to Dollar Tree to pick up the wooden bunny and the wooden ovals/egg shapes. . .  Easier said than done... after stopping at a LOT of Dollar Trees I was only able to find the wooden bunny shapes at a store and this bunny I have is a bit different in shape than hers but I was happy to find them. Here are photos of the bunnies I made following her ideas for inspiration:

I only had one type of wire in my craft room and I did not have time to rust it or the bell as she had but I still like the bunnies.  I also had to buy the Glitter Dust she had used on her bunnies as I did not have any on hand:

These sprays I used outdoors as you need good ventilation to use them.  They are a dry spray and so they dry much faster than a shimmer mist would. Here is a photo to try to show this glitter dust on the bunny:

While shopping all these Dollar Trees I found makeup brushes that are smaller than I have:

I was able to find wooden oval shapes at Hobby Lobby and I am finishing those up this weekend and plan to post photos of those when they are finished. Also at all these stores I went to none of them had the newer paper crafting items shown on many YouTube videos - no dies and other new items so guessing they are not available in this area.  But was happy to at least find the bunny shapes...... 

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Bonnie said...

Cute sparkly bunnies in fun Spring colors!