Thursday, April 1, 2021

Bunny Up

 This post is about some of the projects I have made for this Easter -

First are the lined baskets I made in different colours:

For the baskets I used a berry basket die and I used #110 weight card stock from Mikes. To line the baskets I used different prints from the stash. I cut out the two pieces for the basket from the solid card stock and then two more basket pieces for the lining. I put the printed card stock on the solid card stock using the ATG. Once they were adhered I used a basket weave embossing folder and embossing my basket pieces. With the embossing done I put the basket together using tear and tape:

With the basket assembled I added a half paper doily from the stash and one of my bunny rosettes I had made over the summer for Easter to decorate the basket fronts. Filled the baskets with paper shred and chocolate treats. 

Next are bunnies that I was inspired by Gi Kerr on YouTube.  She has directions and suggestions on these bunnies using her pattern and they were too cute not to make:

She shows how to make these bunnies using thin jute twine - I used what jute twine I had from the stash on the bunny in the center with the peach bow and for the rest of my bunnies I used burlap I had on a roll and fabric scraps for the ears. I used the 1 3/8" circle for the head piece and for my bunny ears I used a small oval punch I have in my stash by Paper Shapers. For my liquid glue I used the Fabric Tac which worked well with the fabric. Nice thing is these have a paper clip so you can clip them on a journal page or a paper project -

Very easy to put together and each bunny looks so different with the different fabrics and ribbons that you use. A big thanks to her and her idea! She has lots of great videos so be sure to check her out. 

Also made some butterflies by "HappyBird's Glitter Nest" on YouTube for the top of the mini egg cartons that I sprayed with re-inkers and 91% rubbing alcohol.  I had bought these mini egg cartons long ago and the first attempt to colour them with the re-inkers did not work -- finally I decided to just use them as plain egg cartons and here are two photos of those:

Was looking around on the internet since I still have some of the mini egg cartons in the stash and I wanted to use them this year. Figured out why my first attempt to colour them was not successful - I had used a lower amount of alcohol in my first attempt - I think it was like 50% or somewhere around there.  So I had to spritz the cartons a lot to get the colour to take and all that did was make the carton really wet and since the alcohol level was lower it did not dry quickly. This time I used the 91% alcohol level and the cartons took the colour well and they dried quickly. The colour was also more even with the higher alcohol level:

I made blue, mint green, and yellow cartons. As in her video she shows how she used different colours of card stocks for the butterflies and all of them have the same clear glitter combos on them and the card stock colour shows through the glitter. Easy butterflies to put together and IRL they really sparkle and shine in the light. "HappyBird" has a lot of videos on YouTube and she explains everything very well and goes through each step so you do not miss anything. I did not have the punch and other items she used but I had enough similar items in the craft room to make my butterflies. Fun projects for Easter! Glad to have found her videos and how to's on Youtube. 

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