Saturday, January 15, 2022

Izzy, fuzzy slippers with sweatpants . . .

 Expecting winter storm Izzy to stop by tonight and tomorrow so I am happy it is the weekend and that I am off work until next Weds..... So working in the craft room in fuzzy slippers and sweatpants waiting for her to arrive.... Happy to say that a couple of my online orders arrived today -- YAY! Just in time for a long weekend with bad weather....

First -- all of these orders are my first orders with these online stores and happy they arrived quickly after I ordered them....  To begin with when the Cottontail Embossing Powder Tool was released it was sold out all over the place. Luckily I found two of them on the online store of Catherine Pooler. I had never ordered from her before but I was happy to finally find this embossing tool from Rabbit Hole Designs so I ordered one for me and one for my PIC (stamping Partner In Crime):

Also with my first order they gave me a free purple ink pad as a thank you gift. 

Another first order is the Stick and Stamp Mat from Brutus Monroe. I have shopped their booth at different stamp shows but I had never ordered from their online store. Again I ordered two of these mats - one for me and one for my PIC - and I also ordered the cleaner for this mat they sold as a bundle:

This mat fits the regular size MISTI and it can hold card stock in place, holds a stencil in place, and is good for use with a background stamp so you just don't get the edges of the stamped image on your card stock piece. There is a video on YouTube showing how to use this mat with the MISTI and by itself. 

Finally -- my last order that arrived today is from Maker Forte (Hedgehog Hollow).  I ordered the Layering Hearts stencil set. They make all their own stencils on sight so they are made in the USA:

These are not the standard 6x6 stencils either. Their stencils are 8 1/4 wide by 6 7/8 high. Each of their stencils have the stencil name on it:

also the stencils all have pre made holes at the top for storage - either to hang or to put in a binder:

Rather than number their stencils this Hearts stencil set has a small, medium, large, and extra large stencil in the set so you know which order to stencil them in. I also received a free single hearts stencil as a thank you gift -- just in time for Valentine projects!! 

Also ordered a background stamp from them:

Stone Age background stamp that makes an interesting background for a card. Looking forward to using this stamp on upcoming projects..... 

Happy me that I have new products in the craft room -- just in time for bad weather and time off from work!  Stay safe!

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