Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween Pumpkin Poop Treat Holders

Had finished my treat bags I was making up for Halloween when I came across the orange Tic Tac candies.... Decided I wanted to use them for Halloween Pumpkin Poop so I brought them home and then made a holder to fit the candy box.

Three tries later I came up with measurements that work so here is a photo of a couple of the Halloween Pumpkin Poop Treat Holders I just made:

For the holder on the left I used Creamy Caramel card stock and ink from Stampin Up. The holder on the right is Lovely Lilac card stock and ink also Stampin Up. There is a poem out on "Internet land" but I did not want to use that for my holder. I do not have a stamp that says "Pumpkin Poop" so I printed that off the computer onto white/GP card stock. Used the Stampin Up Classic Label punch to punch out that greeting.

Here is how I made my holders:

To show this I am using a piece of white/GP 2" wide by 9 3/8" long. With the widest side at the top of the score board I scored this at:  1 1/8",  1 1/2",  and last at 4 3/8". In my photos I ran a pencil over the scored lines so you can see them better:

Once the three scored lines were made I turned the piece around with the other end in the corner of the score board and again I scored it at those marks:

With all scored lines made I used a bone folder and creased the two middle scored lines - this is the bottom of the treat holder. I made sure the two straight ends were even and I put this into the Stampin Up Scalloped Tag Topper punch and punched that out.  Using a 1 1/8" circle punch I punched out the circle window on the front side only of the treat holder. With that done I used a bone folder for the other scored lines near the scalloped ends of the treat holder.

Before you put your candies inside the holder if you want texture on your holder now is when you need to stamp that. For my Creamy Caramel holder I used the Stampin Up Linen background stamp. I put that on the table flat and inked that using the Creamy Caramel ink. I laid the treat holder onto the background stamp. Covered that with scrap paper and rubbed my fingers over that to transfer the inked design to both the front and back of my holder - here is a photo to show the linen texture on the Creamy Caramel holder:

The purple holder I used the ink to match the card stock but this holder I used the Cheesecloth background stamp from Stampin Up for the design:

With the stamping done open the holder and put your Tic Tac candy box inside - I used a wide piece of red sticky tape on the back of the plastic candy box to hold it inside the holder:

Put a small strip of red sticky tape at the top of the holder to keep the holder closed:

Before I had put my candy inside my holder I had added my Halloween printed washi tapes above the circle window on the front of the holder. Used a Sizzix Ghost die and cut out the white glittered ghosts in the Big Shot. Used a dollar star punch from the craft store and punched out glittered stars for the front of the holder.

I put the washi tape on, then the greeting and ghost. Added the stars last using micro mini glue dots. Used twine from the stash and tied it around the top of the holder. Used a glue dot to keep the bow in place. These holders stand up without falling over since the bottom of the holder is flat. Easy holders to make and hoping to use this pattern again for Christmas time for Snowman Poop. With the measurements all figured out it did not take long to put these together. Into the treat bags these will go....

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