Sunday, July 23, 2023

Altered Clipboard from Dollar Tree

Bought a standard size clipboard from Dollar Tree in their school supply aisle and brought it home to alter. I did not want to see the brown colour the clipboard is so all the way around my clipboard - front and back -  I used black craft paint and painted the edges and about an inch in on both sides. This way the black paint "frames" the printed card stock I used. Here is a photo of my finished altered clipboard:

For my clipboard the card stock I used is from a double sided pad of printed card stock and I used a coordinating paper for the back side:

As you can see in the photos painting an inch on each side covers the brown of the clipboard and frames out the printed card stocks I used:

To cut the printed card stocks I measured the clipboard and cut my card stock about 1/4" less so I could see a small amount of the black on the clipboard.  Once the card stock was trimmed to size, I used a corner rounder punch for my corners, both front and back pieces.  I set these aside. Painted the clipboard with the black paint. Set that aside to dry. Wanted a large beaded dangle to hang from the top part of the clipboard so I picked out lots of beads and made the dangle. 

With the black paint dried on front and back of the clipboard I used ModPodge and spread that on the front of the clipboard. Then I put ModPodge on the backside of the front card stock print and laid that onto the wet ModPodge on the clipboard front. Once in place I covered the front of the card stock on the front of the clipboard to adhere it to the clipboard. Set this aside to dry. It does not take long for ModPodge to dry but I gave it extra time since I was using double sided card stock. Once the front was dry I did the same to the back of the clipboard and the card stock for the back and set that aside to dry. Once my clipboard was totally dry, front and back, I die cut a decorative corner die from my stash using black mirror card stock for the front four corners. I used liquid glue to put the corners on the front of the clipboard:

I want to buy a white paper pad to use on my clipboard for the craft room - the only paper pads I have are the legal sized yellow pads and they are both being used so I will have to check the office supply store this week. Here is a photo showing plain white notebook paper on the clipboard with the dangle I made:

Another reason I did not have my card stock go to all the edges of my clipboard is with use I did not want the card stock to lift off the edges when being used and moved around and such. Easy project to put together and would make a nice gift with the addition of a paper pad and a nice pen. 

In this craft room I make lots of lists.... projects I want to make, projects I am working on, patterns I have measurements for, steps for projects, etc., so this clipboard will get lots of use in this craft room. Certainly looks better than the $1.25 Jot clipboard look it began with..... Will be nice for holiday project lists and other lists.... With all the card stocks and holidays ahead altering a clipboard for a holiday would be a perfect gift to receive as well.

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Bonnie said...

Very pretty and functional too!