Monday, July 17, 2023

BOO Tic Tac Treat Holder

Had seen a Tic Tac treat holder on YouTube from "The Paper Pixie" on her video "Tic Tac Gift Box Tutorial" so I wanted to make one for my BOO Day (Halloween) treats. I did not have any Tic Tac candies so I bought one and made my treat holders. She gives very clear instructions on her video but I do not have the trimmer or scoring board she uses that has both the 1/16 and 1/32 measurements. . . so I made a sample treat holder using light weight scrap card stocks - once I figured out the pattern I would use I made up a second sample just to be sure my measurements would work - here is a photo of the sample I made with the measurements written on it - the green section is for the bottom of the treat holder and the purple piece is for the top of the treat holder:

The bottom of the treat holder was easy having measurements to score by but the top - all I have written on that is the length and width of that piece and the one score measurement for scoring which is the top closing piece:

The easiest way for me to make my score lines was to make the bottom piece according to the score lines and I formed this piece using tear and tape. With that made I put the Tic Tac candy container inside keep this piece formed. I cut the top piece and scored it on the long side at 1 3/8. Then I laid this piece on the score board against the left side of the score board with the long side at the top. I put the box with candy inside up against the left side of the score board on the top card stock piece - using a pencil I made a tick mark at the top - to show this in the photo on my sample I made a solid pencil line so you could see this. With the first tick mark made I turned the candy box one turn, keeping it on the pencil mark I just made. Made another tick mark, turned it once again, made another pencil line, turned again and made another tick mark. Here is a photo to show this sample:

Put this top piece on the score board and I scored each pencil tick line. Now I could crease all the scored lines and trim the scored lines to make the box lid - used tear and tape to form the lid. This lid easily slips over the bottom box piece for closing the box. Here is a photo to show my sample piece for the box to show how to trim your box and lid to form):

For my box pieces I used solid card stocks and for the tops I used 6x6 card stocks. I also used those to make my rosettes. For the rosettes I cut two pieces for each one as my rosette die is longer than the 6x6 card stock. Once the two pieces were cut I put the two pieces together using thin tear and tape. Laid the die piece over this long strip and cut the strip to the length of the die piece. Took my rosette strip to the trimmer and cut this strip to 3/4 wide on the straight side so I would still have the scallop edge for all my rosettes. Using my rosette tool I formed all my rosettes.  My rosette "tool" is something I made so when I form my rosettes using hot glue so I do not burn my fingers - here is how I make my rosettes:

To make my tool first I trimmed off a 1 1/4 strip off the brown craft mat on the trimmer that I use for hot gluing things. I used a 1 1/8 circle die and cut out a circle from that strip for my 'tool'. These wooden handles have a velcro circle on the bottom to add the velcro circle sponge for sponging the edges of items you are working on. Once I took the bottom circle velcro piece off the wooden handle piece I made sure the staple used to hold the velcro piece on the handle was flat to the bottom of the handle tool. With that flush to the handle holder I used E6000 and glued the craft mat circle on the bottom of this piece. Once that was dry I could use it to form my rosettes. 

To make my rosettes I die cut those and shape them and use tear and tape to form the circle. I stand this up on the craft mat and use hot glue for a circle in the center of the rosette. Once I press the rosette into the glue I use the handle tool to press this down to form the rosette shape and not to get the hot glue on my hands:

With the rosettes all formed I die cut out small doily dies to put the rosette pieces on. I also wanted to add glitter tulle to the front of my rosettes so I used the circle pattern pieces I made long ago out of #110 weight white card stock. I cut off pieces of the tulle and folded them and then laid the white circle pattern for the side I wanted to use on top of the folded tulle and used scissors to cut them out. Here is a photo of the circles and the round shapes of tulle I used:

Here is are photos of the BOO Tic Tac Treat Holders I have made:

And a better photo closer up:

For all the treat holders I put a rosette on the front and for those I have the base is a small doily, then the rosette, then the tulle circle. I used hot glue for these layers. For the middle of the rosettes I made a pumpkin using a M Stewart solid pumpkin punch and I used a small Marvy punch for the face on the pumpkin. Backed each pumpkin face piece with a solid black pumpkin. Once the pumpkins were formed I sponged the edges of those and used a marker for the stem and put them on the front of the rosette using hot glue. 

As shown in the Tic Tac video I put foam tape on the bottom back of the rosette so the top piece can easily slide onto the box:

My treat holder with lid:

with lid off:

The lid piece easily fits over the box bottom and it fits nicely so it does not fall off. For my boxes I decorated them with washi tape at the bottom or the top of the treat holder and I added black bugs or tiny black bats to the pumpkins. Esy and fun holders to make for the Tic Tac candies. Fun start for my BOO Day treat holders for this year. Thanks to the Paper Pixie for her project and pattern and easy instructions to follow on her video. 


Cinderelly49 said...

Those are adorable Candee. Might just have to make them. I would to even figure out something for the “mini tic tac” holders. They are so cute.

Candee said...

Figuring out your pattern will be easy - measure your mini holder and add 1/8" to the measurement and that should allow for your score lines. Once the bottom is made then the top will be easy as well -- I used the total measurement for my box bottom and then added 1/8" to that measurement for the box top and that should allow the box top to easily slide over your box bottom piece, if that makes sense. Easy holder to put together and another good use for the 6x6 card stocks - or printed scraps. Thanks for your blog visit and kind comment! Candee P