Sunday, March 16, 2014

Treat Bag Holder -- Card stock free

One of the reasons I bought the QuicKutz Treat Bag die was to be able to make my own treat bags at home that would have the details that comes on the gift/treat bags sold at the stores. I like the tiny scalloped edge detail on the top front and top back of this Treat Bag die. Here are the two Treat Bags I just made and I did not use card stock for either:

Due to the size of the die to make these Treat Bags that are 6 1/8" high and 4 1/8" wide once cut out and assembled you would need to use 12" x 12" card stock. Although I have the 12" x 12" card stock I wanted my Treat Bags to be lighter in weight and be more flexible. So what to use?

The brown bag on the left is a piece of brown paper from a roll of brown paper used for mailing a package. The pansies print on the right is gift wrapping paper by Innisbrook Wraps. Using the brown paper I can stamp on the bag, use Washi Tape or add trim to it to dress it up yet it still has the flexibility of a paper bag. By using the gift wrapping paper for the bag on the right I can let the print be all the design I need and add a tag or a little bling here or there. But with both of these papers the small scalloped detail is still shown on the die cut piece:

To show the size this Treat Bag is I am showing it with an envelope pouch I had made for BOO Day (Halloween):

These Treat Bags can get filled up with various treats, tickets, candies, etc. Also due to the size of these Treat Bags you would be able to fold over the top front and add ribbon or twine to close the bag if you would like. TFL and YOLO

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Teresa Doyle said...

Super cute! I like making my own treat bags/boxes for Halloween. These would also make cute loot bags for a childrens b-day party...TFS