Saturday, February 8, 2020

More Valentine Treat Holders for 2020

Finished up the treat holders for the Valentine treat bags I made and these are the last of them. First is a small heart box made using the My Creative Time Heart Treat Box die:

These little boxes are die cut in one piece and all you have to do is die cut it out, add tear and tape to the flap, and crease on the score lines and you are done. The die set has the box piece as well as a separate heart piece - which I used to cut out the printed card stock scraps - and it also has the "LOVE" word die. To keep the heart box closed I used a small circle punch to put the twine through to tie the box closed. In some of the boxes I have Hershey kisses and other boxes have Dove milk and dark chocolate candies. Very easy box to put together and another good use for small print scraps.

This next treat holder is the Hershey Bar Treat Holder for a regular sized Hershey bar. I used the same card stocks from the paper pad I picked up at Hobby Lobby that I had used for most of my other Valentine treat holders. Here is a photo of the paper pad:

Here is a photo of a couple of the Hershey Bar Treat Holders I made:

and a better photo of one of these:

I used a piece of 6x6 printed card stock ** and scored this at 1/2 and again at 3 1/4" Creased the scored lines and added tear and tape to the side flap and again at the bottom. Closed the holder and used the crimper for the bottom of the holder. Used a pencil and marked the center of the holder at the top and used a 1/4 circle punch to make the holes for the ribbon - I punched through the front and the back of the holder at the same time so the ribbon holes match. Cut the ribbon to approx 19 inches (use 22 if you want a bow) to put around the candy bar lengthwise. Slide the candy bar and ribbon into the holder and pulled the ribbon through the front and back holes and tied it in a loose knot. All you do is pull on the knot or bow and the candy bar will come out of the holder. (** Some of my treat holders the printed card stock I used have a directional pattern - be sure you have your holes at the right end of your treat holder so your design is not upside down -- esp in the above photo the card stock has a script pattern on it under some of the flowers).

To decorate the front I die cut "LOVE" using the love word die from the My Creative Time Heart Treat Box die set and I used TomBow to put that onto the front of the treat holder.  Added two red crystal hearts from the stash to finish them up. Easy treat holder to put together since you just need your score board.  These were the last of the Valentine's Day treat holders I made.... now onto Easter projects.... but first??? Have to clean the craft room.... again....  ;0(   TFL

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Bonnie said...

I believe you'll generate lots of love when you deliver your Valentine treats!