Saturday, May 9, 2020

Everything works until it doesn't. . . .

Working a reduced schedule at work but still trying to get things reorganized and settled in the craft room. . .  Throughout the year my PIC (stamping Partner In Crime) and I plan to attend different stamp shows and stamp events. We always start the year off with the stamp show in Columbia, SC, then the big stamp show in Chantilly, VA, followed by a small show here in Raleigh, NC. Usually the last stamping event for us is the warehouse sale IO Stamps holds in the late fall - Impression Obsession - at their warehouse in Oilville, VA.  Since the biggest show we attend is in Chantilly, VA we both save up for this sale as there are lots of vendors there that we may not see at other shows we attend. Chantilly is the furthest for us to travel and on New Years Day I made our hotel reservations for the show. . . But with the COVID19 breakout everything changed quickly.

The show in Chantilly has been postponed with no new date listed. I cancelled the hotel reservations so that was taken care of. Since I had already been saving money for the show and the hotel I decided I would keep checking prices and sales for a machine I have wanted to buy for some time. Finally my searching paid off when had a sale on the machine and also offered free shipping... This price was cheaper than the price on Amazon so I placed my order. Within a week or so my new machine arrived:

I do a lot of die cutting so this machine will help die cut lots of dies at one time. I put the machine on the table with my smaller Big Shot and clearly it was a tight squeeze.....

I recently moved my machine cart next to my work table that DH had built me a few years back and although it is a much better location for this cart with the larger machine I knew this was not going to work out... Here is the photo of my thrift store kitchen cart I was using for the machines:

This cart was certainly a plus in the craft room and it held a lot of the items I needed but with the new machine and it's size alone I knew I needed a better table. . . out to the garage I went to ask DH if he would build me a new table - to my specs - from scraps he had in the garage. He came in the craft room with me (or 'warehouse' as he calls it) and asked me to explain what I wanted this table to do and sizes, etc. As with the first table he had built for me I told him I would be storing my dies/magnet sheets on the table/shelves so they would have to be able to hold the weight of these items.  He wrote down all the measurements and asked questions and he checked his scraps and said he had everything but the 3/4 inch plywood he would need. Off he went to get the plywood and he started the new table the same day. . . Happy me to see progress of this new machine table for the craft room:

After a couple of days it was ready to sand:

Stained and poly applied and ready to go in the house:

I wanted this table to be the same style as the work table he had built -- as with the work table I wanted a back on this smaller table but I wanted the sides open. Here is the back of the table showing a piece of luan.

Here is the table in the craft room:

Now it was ready to load up:

The first shelf holds the Big Shot and Cuttlebug plates. Behind the bin for the Cuttlebug plates is the Cuttlebug which I can put on my main work table to use:

Even with everything I have on this new table I have room to grow --- ;0)  and that is always a good thing in a craft room. The bins on the two shelves hold my larger dies and I have a bin of the holiday treat holder dies. With this new table I will have all the larger dies next to my work table that holds all my standard dies. (Steel ruled dies I have are in one cabinet near the work table).

As for the kitchen cart I had been using for the machine table I will use that to hold a laminating machine and also my hot glue gun and supplies. So once again moving things around in the craft room.... haha  Does it ever end??? ;0)

Also -- Divinity Designs (ODBD)... I had seen a video where a crafter had used the Divinity Designs Milk Carton die and carrier die for her project. I went to  to check out the pricing of these two die sets which came to $74.90. But Divinity Designs had originally sold this die set in a bundle when it first came out and the bundle had other items included and that sold for the bundle price of  $94.80 but it was on sale for $75.84! So for 94 cents more than the cost of the two dies I had shopped for I was able to buy the bundle with all the added products. Happy me that arrived the other day and I plan to cut them out this weekend. Between the new machine and the die set bundle I have about used up my hotel and Chantilly shopping monies but that is okay --- the Milk Carton die bundle requires the larger machines to die cut them so the new machine will be put to good use right away. It will also cut the larger/longer Sizzix dies I have on the bottom shelf in the Sizzix holders as well as my longer Spellbinder border dies. . .   New items in the craft room that will certainly get some use!

Very happy this new table is finished and ready for serious use in this craft room -- already working on die cuts for the holidays ahead so will continue those die cuts as well as finishing putting everything back in place after moving in my new machine table... A HUGE thanks to DH for building me another great table to my specs and I love it already!  Here is a photo to show the two machines on the new table top with plenty of room for them both:

Stay safe and healthy!  TFL


Bonnie said...

Have a fun day playing with your new toys, Candee! Kind of makes up for the disappointment of not going to Chantilly.

Lora said...

Your work station looks very handy to have. Nice work.

What exactly do you use these tools for with the vinyl?

It is a bummer about the coupons.

Lora said...

Its a bummer about the coupons

Your work station looks very handy, nice job.

What exactly are these tools used for with the vinyl?