Saturday, May 23, 2020

Who knew?

Had seen this four piece tool set from Michaels online over the past couple of months and with me getting my new laminating machine I wanted to have a set.  I had placed a curbside pickup order from my nearby Mikes last month but that store did not carry this set.  Yesterday I went to a different Michaels store that was open for shoppers and I was happy I was able to find this set:

I am working on lots of projects and hoping this weekend that I will be able to finish a few up so I can post them to the blog. But - when I went to the register to pay for this tool set I had planned on using a competitor's coupon for it and the cashier told me that beginning March 27th of this year they no longer accept competitor's coupons for any purchases. News to me and certainly a game changer - why go in the store if I can shop online with their competitor and maybe get a better price or free shipping??  They are turning into another Hobby Lobby -- which also does not accept any competitor's coupons.... bad news for us crafters and our crafting budgets.....  But I was happy to pick up the tool set which will come in handy for my next laminated project.  TFL


Colleen said...

They will match a competitor's advertised price then beat it by 10% Providing it is the exact same item, model number & etc.,
You can read about their complete policy here:

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the heads up on the coupons. I guess with the Covid crisis and having to close for a spell, they can't afford to share the deals anymore. They hurt themselves by making it easier and less expensive to shop online. It is nice though to be able to see what we are buying so the brick and mortar stores are nice. Glad you found your tool set and look forward to seeing how you use it.