Saturday, July 25, 2020

Could you ever need an extra hand? ? ?

Recently came across this liquid glue stand that I had not seen before and after checking into what it was and how it worked I decided to buy a set for me and one for my PIC (stamping Partner In Crime).  I bought ours off Amazon:

This is a photo of the packaging:

This is sold in a set of two and although I do not scrapbook or go to crops/classes I was happy to have the two. I can keep one on hand for later use if need be. But I knew my PIC would be able to take it to the scrapbooking crops/classes she attends and have one for use in her craft room.  DH had made me a glue/Glossy Accents wooden block with circles drilled out so I can stand the glues/Glossy Accents upside down so they are always ready for use. But that holder is not large enough for the larger (more economical) bottles of glues so this holder is perfect for the smaller AND larger bottles. Here is a full bottle of Scotch glue I recently bought in this holder and even being larger and full the weight of this does not smash down the holder nor does it fall out. (In my photo I have the glue cap on this - just showing the size of this glue bottle and that it does not smash the holder in anyway:

and this is the back of the packaging:

I have already dropped these off for my PIC to use - I tried mine out and it does work! Sometimes when crafting it is nice to just grab a bottle of glue and use it without having to take the cap off every time. . . Plus it will help to keep your glues from drying out if you should forget to put the lid back on it.  Easy to put together too! Smart new tool in the craft room and am sure I will get lots of use from it!

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