Saturday, July 4, 2020

Just do it yourself . . .

The SU demonstrator I had ordered through no longer is a demo so I figured I would not be getting a new SU catty this year but I had seen projects/cards here and there on the web.  The only item that caught my eye was their mason jar punch. Decided I wanted to order the punch and when I looked on the SU website I decided that I would just order the bundle -- stamp set and punch.

Happy me when this bundle arrived.... until I opened the stamp set. . .  I no longer store my SU stamp sets in the cases they arrive in. I keep them in bins in the Avery Elle envelopes which saves a lot of space on the stamp shelf I use. Here is a photo of the stamp set that comes with the mason jar punch:

This is a clear stamp set and usually inside the case is a clear sheet, with stamp images on it, and the clear stamps. I remove the printed paper sleeve from the stamp case and fold that in half and put it in the storage envelope. Behind that I put the clear sheet that holds the stamps. But when I opened this case the first time this is what I saw:

These images are on the backside of the printed paper sleeve now. The stamps are on a clear sheet with no images to go by so not only do you not easily see what the stamp is but whether or not it is right side up or upside down. . . So out came the StazOn ink and I removed all the stamps and stamped the clear sheet myself. I cleaned the stamps and put them all back on the clear sheet for storage in the clear envelope. Now when I am using a MISTI to stamp my images with the mason jar stamp I will know at a glance which floral stamp I want to use and also to know the position of the stamp.  I can not believe SU is saving mega bucks by not putting the stamped images on the clear storage sheets for the stamps but I do not buy stamps that have no images with them.

Here is my stamps on the clear sheet I had to stamp myself:

Now I can see which floral stamp is which and I will not have to hold it up to a light to see which one is what. I did contact SU and made a complaint about this so maybe if others complain as well this practice will stop. But it is a game changer for this stamper....  But am happy to have the mason jar punch and hoping to be working with that soon on a project in the craft room. . . EK Success had also sold a mason jar punch in the past but of course I did not buy one and then it was no longer available to buy . . .  but happy I found another one that was the side I wanted - just wish this stamp set had pre printed images on the clear sheets like all the other SU stamp sets I own. . .

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