Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Laundry room DIY

Finally the laundry room is finished and I thought I would quickly post a photo of what we have been working on.... told DH I would buy everything but it had to be on the cheap..... First I wanted a door for the laundry room since it was just a doorway into it.  DH picked up two free pallets and made a door that slides open:

Then I wanted open shelves above the washer for storing the liquid detergent and such:

I had seen other people keep their liquid detergent in a sun tea jar so it is easy to dispense as well as much better looking than a plastic jug of detergent.....  The "Wash/Dry/Fold" sign was on sale at Hobby Lobby. The small plants on the bottom shelf are from Ikea and everything else was from a thrift store or a garage sale that I already had on hand. The shelves are cheap pine that DH picked up at Lowes when he picked up all the hardware for the shelves.  Happy this project is finished and it is certainly nicer to do laundry in a finished room!  TFL

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Bonnie said...

Nice! Your DH is worth his weight in gold!