Saturday, December 18, 2021

End of Season . . .

 Cleaning up the mess in the craft room and here are the last of the Christmas projects in a baggie:

Putting them away for next year in the Christmas trims and bling box. Nice to see the top of the work table again!! When I put this photo on the computer I decided to show some progress photos of projects I did for this year. Here are photos of the Snuggets in the works:

First I cut all my white card stock pieces 1" x 3 1/8" for the nugget wrappers. I cut them 1/8" longer so that I can have the adhesive stick to the card stock rather than to the candy wrapper. Once they were all cut I stamped then small Snowman face stamp on them using black ink. Using an orange marker I added orange to the noses:

To help the wrappers fit on the nugget candies better I run each one over the edge of a bone folder so it will curve around the candies easier:

I put the wrappers around the candies and used two glue dots to adhere them. Once all the candies were wrapped it was time for their hats -- I used the fingertips of the bath gloves sold at the Dollar Tree:

I made a light blue card stock tray for my Snuggets and put them in pretzel bags sold in the candy making aisle at the craft store. Closed the bags with twine and tied silver bells on them. Next for the Santa Belt nuggets I used red card stock for the wrappers -

The wrappers are small so to make this an easier assembly project I cut a piece of red card stock 3 1/8" wide by 11" long. I used a pencil and a ruler and marked the center of the length of the card stock. I cut a piece of black card stock 1/4" wide by 11" long. Used the ATG and put the black card stock stripe down the center of the red card stock:

With that in place I took this to the trimmer and cut it at every inch - this gave me my wrapper pieces that measure 1" x 3 1/8":

For the Snuggets I used the solid chocolate Hershey Nuggets. For the Santa Belt nuggets I used the solid chocolate and also the Almond nugget candies. The Almond nuggets are wrapped in gold wrappers so for those I did the Santa belt buckles in gold to match the wrappers. For the belt pieces I used glittered card stock and a circle punch. The center is black card stock and I used a small circle punch for those. I made a black card stock tray for the Santa Belt nuggets and packaged them like this:

Again I tied these closed with twine and tied on red bells. Both the Snuggets and Santa Belt nuggets can be done quickly in an assembly line style and everyone always smile when they see them...

Easy peasy --- Candy Cane Seeds:

Here are some photos of other HO HO HO boxes I had made for the Ferrero Rocher candies:

Favorite season for holiday projects but certainly am thinking I pulled out everything in the craft room to make them because the craft room is certainly a mess!! But fun to use older and not so old items to make the treat holders. But for now... back to cleaning and organizing as I go.... again.... or is that still??? 

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Bonnie said...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Candee! xoxo