Wednesday, July 27, 2022

More Decorated Pokey Tools

 This is a photo of the first decorated pokey tools I had made:

For these pokey tools I used the stainless steel scribe pins that are sold in a set of 2 in the jewelry supply section of Hobby Lobby - the Jewelry Shoppe brand. The pack of two are usually $2.99 but when on sale they sell for $1.49.  I had seen different videos on YouTube with directions of how to make these decorated scribe pins. I used E6000 adhesive on these and the size tube I had in the craft room was a larger size since I knew I would use it for other crafting items for adhesive.... but soon the problem surfaced using this adhesive.... even when I cleaned off the tube top before putting the lid back on the tube I still had to use pliers to break the adhesive seal trying to reopen this tube for use... but then... 

Sherry, the Posh Paper Lady on YouTube, shared her tip to prevent the E6000 lid from adhering shut after each use. She put a light dab of baby oil between her fore finger and thumb and after the first use of her new tube of E6000 she rubbed her fingers with the baby oil around the threads of the tube and then put the lid on.... after seeing her video off to the store I went... 

Bought a package of small tubes of E6000  and a small bottle of baby oil to try this out.  I wanted to make three new decorated pokey tools so this experiment with the baby oil came in handy. I already had the scribe pins and beads in my stash so I picked out all the beads I was going to use and had everything laid out to assemble. Normally when making more than one of the decorated pokey tools I would put them together assembly style -- laying out the beads, adding the beads to the pokey tool, etc.. But I wanted to test this idea for the lid so I made three pokey tools one at a time from beginning to end to see if the tube would continue to easily open for each time. Here are the decorated pokey tools I just made:

After the first time I used the new small tube of the E6000 I put the baby oil on my fingers and ran it over the threads on the tube. Closed it up and finished assembling the pins. Opened the tube again for the next pin and closed it up after each use. After I finished the third pokey tool I closed the tube and left it overnight to see how long this baby oil would work.... a little more than 24 hours later I am happy to say the tube opened easily:

Since you use a small dab of the baby oil between your two fingers the oil does not get into the tube of glue or drip all over everything...  Happy the Posh Paper Lady shared this time so pliers are needed no more and next time I need to buy E6000 I can buy the more economical tube and still be able to open and close it easily. Thanks to her for sharing this great idea as there are lots of adhesive lids this idea will work on!

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