Thursday, July 20, 2023

Envelope Foilo

 Have seen videos on YouTube for different folios using printer paper, card stocks, paper bags, envelopes, etc.. Was inspired by the video by Treasure Books on her folios using different envelopes from her stash. I looked at the envelopes in my stash and decided to make a folio myself:

For my folio I used printed card stock from my stash and pink envelopes I had:

To begin with I decided how many envelopes I would want to use in the folio and then I used liquid glue to seal the flap on the envelopes closed. Set those aside to dry. Once dried I used the trimmer and cut off the top of the envelope so they would be open. Using tear and tape I put a piece on the back of each envelope at the top:

Peeled off the tape and stacked the envelopes. Set these aside. Got out the card stock I wanted to use and laid the envelopes on top of the card stock so I would know where to trim it to. My floral print for the front and back of my folio was too short to make the front flap to the folio so I used a sheet of coordinating card stock and cut that to the size I wanted for that. Once these two pieces were cut I used brown ink to sponge the edges. Used tear and tape to put the top flap piece on the folio back and this made the front flap that comes over the top of the envelopes:

I did not have a pretty button for the piece on the front flap to wrap my twine around to close the folio so I used a circle punch and punched out a printed circle and a solid circle and layered those and used a brad to put this on the front. Tied the twine/string around that in a knot and wrapped this around the folio and trimmed it to the length I wanted it to be. 

Used tear and tape to put the envelopes on the folio front/back piece once those were on the folio piece I folded this up to make the folio pocket shape. This is a photo to show the inside envelope pockets:

Above the pink envelopes on the inside flap I put a circle card stock piece behind the brad to keep that in place to hold the twine/string closure for the folio. If you watch any of the folio videos this suggestion is used a lot to keep your brad in place.  This folio will hold die cut pieces, trims, embellishments, etc.. I also had small envelopes in my stash so I made a smaller folio to hold embellishments:

This smaller folio will hold shaker bits, sequins, gems and other small embellishments. I bought the small clear bags at the craft store to fit in the smaller envelopes for this folio to hold these items in the envelopes:

On the inside of this smaller folio I cut a piece of matching kraft card stock like the envelopes to line the inside of the folio flap the brad is on. The kraft card stock makes the flap more sturdy since it will be holding the brad and twine/string for closing. This would be a nice size folio for swaps or to give to a crafty friend filled with small embellishments or small die cut pieces, etc.

Some of the crafters score their front/back piece for their folios but I just folded the folio over the shape of the envelopes and used my bone folder to lightly crease the folds.   The smaller folio can be tucked into a gift bag or be used for small items. Easy to make these....

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