Thursday, July 20, 2023

Post It Note Holder

Had seen other crafters feature their Post It Note Holders on YouTube so I went to and bought a Sticky Notes Bookbinder Guide Template sold by the "CraftyShopbySache" store. I have bought from this seller before and her items are nice quality and she ships quickly. Here is a photo of the three Post It Note Holders I have made:

I have not decorated the fronts of these Post It Note Holders yet but I wanted to feature how I keep these closed -- first here is the template I bought for my 3x3 note holders:

Just lay it on the backside of your card stock and trace around the shape with a pencil. Cut out using scissors and this is very easy. I used the back cardboard from a paper pack for the card board I cut for the front/back covers and spine piece. (Crafty Crafts by Deanna on YouTube shows the assembly of this holder from start to finish on her YouTube channel). 

This post shows 3 ways to close the holder - first I used ribbon on my fall holder and I put the ribbon on the inside of my holder under the lining piece:

With the ribbon on the inside the front and back pieces are flat:

This next holder the ribbon is on the outside of the holder:

Using wrinkled seam binding for the ribbon closure is a lot flatter and not as noticeable as the orange and white ribbon for the closure. 

This next holder is closed with a magnet and a stainless steel washer:

Always liked the ease and the look of using magnets to close items but did not like the thickness of two magnets stacked for closing. "DawnsInspiration" on YouTube has a video from many years back using another way to use magnets on her projects without the height. She uses a magnet and a stainless steel washer for her projects. I went to Ace Hardware with one of my small magnets and I bought washers that are a little larger than the magnet for my closure and as you can see it does not make the closure too high:

Never thought of using a washer but am happy she shared her idea. I will be using her idea for projects ahead! For all my Post It Note Holders I used card board from paper pads rather than chipboard and they are still sturdy. Now that these are done I can decorate the front of them but I wanted to show the ribbon closings so you can see how it makes the covers look. Very easy template to use for the holders I made. I bought the one that holds the 3x3 Post It Notes. A nice little gift to tuck in a treat bag or a gift bag and can easily go in a purse or sit on a desk. 

Another photo to show the washer stuck to the small magnet:

and a photo to show the washer I am using is a bit larger than my small magnets:

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