Friday, October 28, 2016

Autumn Pillow Wreaths

This all began with me taking in an extra Halloween fabric pillow wreath to work to hang on our door . . .  it is similar to this one I made for our front door at home:

A few ladies at work stopped to compliment my wreath for BOO Day. Then one day one of the ladies asked me if I would make her a pillow wreath but for Autumn instead . . . then a second lady also asked for an Autumn pillow wreath. With Halloween being this upcoming week I decided I had better get the two wreaths made before Halloween came and went...  As we know after Halloween time passes quickly until we are on New Year's Day.

Neither of these ladies sew so they left it up to me for fabric choices and colours. Here are the two wreaths I made this past week using "fabric stash" I already had on hand in my sewing room:

Both ladies were happy I brought their wreaths to them at work today.  Already have orders for the upcoming Christmas season so will have to work sewing into my crafting time... but for now I am trying to finish up my Thanksgiving cards and then onto Christmas.... and so it goes... (or 'sew' it goes -- haha)... TFL


Colleen said...

The wreaths are Gorgeous. Something totally different.
Do you have instructions and are willing to share on the 'how-to's ' on making these? Thank you

Candee said...

Hi Colleen-The directions for this wreath is on my blog. In the search bar type in Fabric Wreath and the post "Sew It Seams" will come up. That has all the directions I used for this wreath. I use the 18" wired wreath form (from Michaels) for the base. I cut all the squares, do all the sewing, then do all the stuffing of the pillows. Put the wreath form on the table and put my pillows all around it in the order I wanted them on the wreath. Once I was happy with the pillows laid out I tied the pillows on the wreath with ribbons. I tied the inside circle first then the middle circle and then the outside circle of pillows. Look at the photo showing the back of the wreath and you will see you tie the ribbons around two of the wire rows on your wire wreath form. I used a lot of different ribbons to tie the pillows on using a knot. Once the pillows were tied on I clipped the ends of the ribbons with scissors. I used all fabrics I had in my 'stash' so my wreaths have a variety of prints. Some wreaths are made with just a few fabrics but I prefer more patterns. It is a choice I guess for whatever theme you are using. These go together quickly as you do it in steps-cut,sew,stuff,tie. Hope this helps! If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for your blog visit! Candee P

Colleen said...

Thank You Candee.
I was looking under wreaths; pillow wreaths no wonder I couldn't find the instructions.
Your tutorial / instructions are very clear and easy to follow and Oh, sew easy to make. Thank You

Bonnie said...

You are so talented and clever, Candee! Lots of work but so worth the effort and time! Thanks for sharing the details. Hope you have a crafty weekend!

Candee said...

Hi Colleen -- ha ha -- sew easy to make.... cute... Sorry you could not find the directions on the blog before but hoping they are clear enough to follow. WARNING -- these wreaths are addictive -- no two are the same and just changing out the fabrics or theme or holiday makes them look so different! Am sure your wreath will be beautiful! Candee P