Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Last minute, last project.....

 Last trip to Hobby Lobby I picked up some Christmas embellishments for 70% off the regular price... I picked up a strand of holiday beads and decided to make a couple of the beaded pokey tools:

I had the scribe pins in my stash so I did not have to buy anything else for these decorated pokey tools. Here is a photo of the packaging for the scribe pins at Hobby Lobby:

The price on the packaging says $2.99 but I always buy these when they are on sale for 50% off so it is about 75 cents for each scribe pin. I used the holiday bead strand and made two of the pokey tools. I also used spacer beads from the stash. I had also picked up a strand of their peppermint candy beads that day - those beads are silicone.. As for all the pokey tools I used E6000 for the adhesive. To package this to give away for Christmas I put the rubber tip protector on the pokey tool it comes with and I cut a piece of heavier card stock and put the beaded tool on that.and held it in place using a small strip of card stock that I stapled onto the white card stock piece. This way the tool was safe and would not poke anyone. I also used the silicone peppermint bead for the dangle I made for the pokey tool. For each dangle I added metal charms and holiday red and green beads from the stash:

I have made these tools in the past:

One of the two holiday pokey tools is for me so now when I am working on Christmas projects in July I can use the holiday pokey tool while working along on holiday projects.... Another good project to use tiny beads from the stash for the dangles on the tools. Fun holiday project to put together...

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