Friday, November 25, 2016

Open for business . . .

Hoping all that celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday had a nice holiday... beginning of the holiday season... and sales.... and projects .....

Elf Season has begun and here is my craft room door:

Drove myself to Mikes this morning at 7AM when they opened, my coupons in hand, and with their holiday on going sale and my coupons... this wreath was approx $16.00. Decided since so many projects come out of my craft room (or 'warehouse' as DH calls it) I decided I would buy a holiday wreath for the door. So now when I come into the craft room I am inspired to get to work... Elf Season has begun and I am sure this season will fly by as they usually do . . .

Some great buys at Mikes this morning -- very thin washi tape, in a 6 pk, $1.99, card stocks and stamps on sale, storage items on sale, and so it goes... but decided with my coupons and their holiday coupon that I would break down and buy the WRMK Pillow Box punch board. I have a steel ruled Sizzix die for a pillow box but it only cuts out one size. Stampin Up also sells a thinner die for a pillow box but again that is one size only so never bought that one. Had seen this punch board at the store and thought about it but just never bought one... until today -- here is my new WRMK Pillow Box punch board:

Now to figure this out... I have other punch boards but with the Pillow Box punch board you can make different size boxes. Great idea . . .  but what size card stock for what size box?  I wanted to actually 'see' the size pillow boxes I can make. Time to play....

Used white/GP card stock for my white pillow box samples. To make a pillow box all card stock has to be 6" wide but the length of card stock you use decides the size of your pillow box. I made three pillow boxes using three different sizes that are sizes I will use for my holiday treat holders:

The punch board not only punches out the curved shapes but also punches out the notch so you can easily open your pillow box.  The sizes I cut out:

4" long by 6" wide
4 1/2" long by 6" wide
5" long by 6" wide

Having these samples made I can see at a glance what size I want to make and with the measurements written on them I will know what size card stock to cut. Here is a photo of two samples of embellished pieces I could decorate my pillow box with and these samples show how the pieces will fit on the front of my boxes:

Am thinking this new punch board will get lots of use in my craft room this season and beyond. As for the white/GP pillow box samples I made up I will hang these my bulletin board so I will always have them near by for size info... (keeping them ON the bulletin board will also enable me to find them!! haha)

Good sales today at Mikes and other craft stores if you want to fight the crowds -- There were not many shoppers this morning when I was shopping but I am sure it will be busier as the day goes on. TFL

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