Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Pinwheel Treat Holders

Knew I wanted to make free standing treat holders for July 4th so I dug out one of my older bag dies to use for the treat bag. Had already made lots of pinwheels using the pinwheel dies.. .. .. but where to go from there? I searched for the Sizzix bag die projects and this came up:

Her treat holders were too cute and although I do not have all she used on her treat bags I had enough products in the craft room to make my holders. Here is a photo of my Pinwheel Treat Holders:

To start with I used these dies for my treat holders:

This is the die for the treat bag:

This is the die for the top flap for the treat bag:

Second smallest die was used for the window on the treat bag:

Second smallest die was used for the greeting banner:

To begin with I used these pinwheel dies from Lil' Inker Designs to make the pinwheels: (Be careful -they are addictive! :0) haha)

First I cut out all the bags -- two pieces for the bags - front and back. Used the Spellbinders die on the front pieces only of the bags to cut out the windows. To keep the candies/treats from falling out of the the window I cut on the front pieces of the bags I needed to put something behind the window. I used the clear packaging I had on the work table from a metal die set I recently bought at a stamp show. I measured the window opening and cut the clear packaging piece a bit larger to allow for room on all four sides for red sticky tape. Once all those pieces were cut out I put them behind the window pieces before I assembled the bags and they were flat. This photo shows the clear packaging behind the window:

Using tear and tape I put all the bags together including the bottom. Set these aside. For the top flaps to the bags I cut out three of the Top Note die pieces using double sided card stock -- except -- the holder that has the red background and white stars is just a piece of one sided printed card stock. Since that is lighter than the double sided card stock it would not hold up well as a closure piece. To fix this problem I cut the stars print larger than what I would need for the die. Then I cut a piece of white/GP card stock to match and put these two pieces together using the ATG.  I cut out these with the Top Note die and now I had a thicker flap piece.

Cut all my banner pieces from various printed card stocks. Scored the Top Note die cut pieces in the center and used a bone folder to crease that fold. Used the ATG and put the banners onto the Top Note die cut pieces -- only on the front side. Using the ATG I added adhesive to the back side of these Top Note die cut pieces and put them on the back of the treat bags. But how to keep this treat holder closed????

Decided on a favorite -- velcro. I put the front and back velcro pieces together. Kept the plastic on the velcro and cut them in half with scissors. (If you take the plastic backing off the velcro and then try to cut them with scissors you will have quite the mess and glue all over your scissors).

Here is a photo to show my velcro:

After I cut the circle in half I removed the plastic backing and opened the flap on the bag -- put the velcro above the bottom edge of the holder. Carefully closed the flap and that puts the velcro backing piece on the bag in the exact place I needed it to be. Pressed down to be sure the velcro would stick to the treat bag piece. I put the velcro close to the bottom of the flap because my pinwheel was going in the center of the flap and I did not want the thickness of the velcro to be in the way of the pinwheel.

Using a stamp from 1997 by Darcies I stamped my holiday greeting with red ink onto scrap white/GP card stock. Used the banner die and cut these out. I put glue dots behind the pinwheel and held it over the closed treat bag to decide where to put the banner. Once that was decided I put the banners on with glue dots and then pressed a pinwheel onto each bag.

The pinwheels were made using double sided card stocks -- these two holders I used the same card stock for the pinwheels but they look totally different depending on which side is the outside of the pinwheel:

At the bottom of the blue treat bag I used the star die from the Mini Treat Bag die set from SU and scrap white/GP card stock:

Used paper shred from the dollar store inside the treat bags and holiday candies from Hershey and Almond Kisses fill them up. Added three stars to the kraft card stock treat bags using glue dots. Easy holder to put together and I esp like they are free standing. Thanks to Wanda for sharing her ideas for this treat bag!  TFL  


Bonnie said...

These are too cute, Candee! Love those pinwheels! What fun! Happy 4th of July to you!

Sandy said...

You are so good with these treat holders and I do like your style.
Sandy xx