Sunday, November 26, 2017

Christmas Card - ACC010

This card was inspired by a video on Youtube by "Scrapping Stamping and Stuff" using the Night of Bethlehem stamp set from Stampin Up. She made a watercolor card using salt and it turned out really nice. . . Thanks to her for her video and sharing her card idea!  I had the stamp set, the Stampin Up watercolor card stock, the inks, the same spritzer but I needed a salt shaker of salt. Went to the dollar store, as she suggests, and I bought a full salt shaker for this card.

Watched the video, took notes, and made my first card.... what a mess....

After spritzing the water on the background card front piece and sprinkling the salt on it I let it air dry. Once that was dried I could not get the salt crystals off. Used the Stampin Buddy and embossed the greeting but with the salt still on the card stock it did not emboss well:

You can see the bad embossing in the above photo but also the gritty surface. Certainly not a pretty look for my Christmas card although I still love her card on Youtube.... so decided maybe I should use the Strathmore Mixed Media card stock (thanks Bonnie) and try the technique on that instead.... Better results but still not like her card..... When Plan A and Plan B don't work.... off to Plan C - I used the Strathmore Mixed Media card stock for my card and here it is:

I did everything as suggested in the video except the salt. Once I had the background inked and dried I used the Stampin Up embossing Buddy and embossed the greeting using white embossing powder. For the specks on the background of this card front piece I used Perfect Pearls and a little water and mixed those on a craft mat using a paint brush. Put my card front piece inside a box and then splattered the Perfect Pearls onto the card front by tapping the paint brush. *Used the box so I did not get Perfect Pearls where they do not perfectly belong! Here is a better photo of that on the card front:

Very pretty card IRL and her video is full of tips and tricks -- am wondering now if I had used a different salt - crushed rock salt?? - but either way a simple card to put together for me using the Perfect Pearls. TFL

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