Sunday, November 5, 2017

Needed a wreath - - -

With Halloween over I brought home my BOO Day wreath I had taken to work to hang on our door:

We needed another wreath for our door at work but I do not have an extra Fall themed wreath. Decided I wanted to make a mesh wreath but I have never worked with mesh before so decided I would check out a couple of videos on YouTube. I came across Laurie the Hard Working Mom who has a few how to videos for mesh wreaths. I wanted to make the Starburst wreath so I watched her video on it once and then watched it a second time writing down measurements and such. Here is my wreath -- and keep in mind this is my first attempt at mesh wreaths:

With it already being November not too many stores have Fall themed items left so I picked up a spool of mesh at the dollar store, other mesh is from Hobby Lobby, pumpkin ribbon and scarecrow is from Big Lots. The other wired ribbon for my wreath is from Michaels that was on sale for half price. I used a 12" wreath form because Michaels had no 14" or 16" forms in stock and the 18" form is too big for what I wanted to make.

As Laurie suggested I did all the cutting first -- cut my pipe cleaners in half, cut out all the mesh and the ribbons. Made all the mesh/ribbon bundles and set those aside. Once all the bundles were made - I used 25 of those for my wreath, I attached them to the wreath form. Laurie also said she sprays her wreaths using the E6000 spray to help keep fraying edges from getting out of hand. Here is a photo of my wreath outside before I sprayed it:

I had made a circle in the center of the mesh to put the scarecrow on the wreath once the spray was dried. I put him on the wreath using floral wire. I really would prefer to have a pumpkin or Fall words or something for the center of the wreath but I was lucky to find the scarecrow at all so my selection was slim. Here is a photo to show some of the various ribbons I used on the wreath:

And here is the wreath again:

While I was at Michaels I also picked up a garland wreath form and some holiday ornaments and picks and am working on putting that together now.... Sooner or later I WILL get back to making my cards again!! :0)   TFL

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