Sunday, March 29, 2020

Midnight Madness . . .

Hate to wake up in the middle of the night for a bathroom run . . .  but then when a new idea pops in your head.... good luck getting right back to sleep . . .

Have been working in the craft room and decided I want to move things around and want new storage for some items.. .   Idea started there and stopped there as well . . .  Until the bathroom run... DH has scrap wood in the garage from his many projects and I figured he would have some wood left from the pallet projects he had made last year - - beginning with a quilt pattern piece he made for the guest room wall:

Projects using wood pallets began with this and went onto this:

This is a half "barn door" that covers an odd sized window in the guest room and it helps to keep the sunlight out. Next project he did I asked for as I wanted a door for the laundry room off the back of the kitchen but I wanted that door to be really rustic looking and not have such a polished finish look:

A couple of years ago DH made shelves for my kitchen using plumbing parts and oak wood shelves:

So the pallet door goes with the shelves in the kitchen .... last night I thought the best storage would be to use clear jars for the craft room storage but I did not just want to line jars up in a row or something so I thought I would ask DH if he had any left over wood from his pallets.... and if he would  make me two holders for my jars?  I have a box of various mason jars that are empty so I figured I would see what sizes I had.

This morning I pulled out the largest mason jars to show DH their size and told him what I wanted and asked if he could make two of these holders/bins for me?  I want three of these jars in each holder/bin and I also wanted them to look very rustic. I did not want him to use oak wood or anything but the free wood from the pallets. I did not want to have to paint or stain these holders/bins but to leave them rustic looking with whatever the pallet wood was covered with. Out to the garage we went and he pulled out various pallet scraps and I picked the ones I liked. For the ends we had to use the width of the scrap wood he had in his scrap bin.

He measured my three jars together and made his pattern to the size he was going to use. He cut all the pieces to the size he needed and I did a light sanding and he used wood glue and a nail gun to assemble them. Once they were assembled he did a final sanding on them and here they are:

He used scrap lumber on the two ends and one of these holders/bins has ends covered in white paint and the other is plain:

Once they were assembled and sanded I washed the jars and lids and will put them in the craft room. Will probably tie twine or thin rope around them at the top and maybe cover the lids with card stock or fabric scraps or something but for now I am happy to have these to add to my craft room and storage. A big thanks to DH who made these for me and in less than an hour what I told him about was assembled and ready for use!! These will be good additions to the craft room for sure -- or the "Warehouse" as he calls it.....

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Bonnie said...

You have a very talented husband!