Sunday, March 1, 2020

Working on Easter projects . . .

Currently working on lots of Easter projects but nothing ready to post just yet -- for now since I am working on making an Easter wreath my rotary cutter mats came into play.  Have been busy working in the sewing room and organizing and moving things around and yada, yada and so it goes. You start working on one thing and before you know it you have two more projects started. . . ;0)

Not all mats are the same - some have a hole so you can hang your mat for storage but not all mats have this hole. I have a larger mat and a few of the smaller mats. Had the mats with the holes hanging but then had a second place for the other mats . . .  this idea worked until it didn't.  Since I was moving things around and needed a mat for the wreath I am working on I decided I had to figure out another storage idea.

Back to the craft room -- awhile back I bought a Guillotine trimmer for heavy items that needed trimming. Problem was the handle on the trimmer would not fit where I kept my other trimmer that I use for plastic or light weight card board, etc.. I decided to make a trip to Walmart to pick up a rack that is used in the kitchen to hold lids to pans upright so they are not all over the cabinet with the pots and pans they go with. Rather than picking up one of these racks I picked up two not knowing at the time what I would use the second one for but you never know. . .   Here is a photo of the first rack I bought to hold the trimmers and a Scor-Pal scoreboard:

Have it tucked away in the corner by the washi tape holders on the counter.  When I was putting away all the Valentine washi tapes the DSD picked up for me at Mikes recently I remembered I had this second rack and thought maybe I would try it for storage for my rotary mats in the sewing room.

Fast forward to this week with me still working on the Easter wreath and now I had to put the mat away that I was using for that and that started the moving things around and reorganizing in the sewing area. . .   always a good idea but as things snowball, maybe not...   but happy to say I finished moving everything around and now found a new home for the mats -- here is a photo of the second rack I bought that now is home for some of my mats/clear rulers:

I have the mats on top of one of the Alex units I have stacked in there. To keep things from moving around on the Alex unit I used a heavy duty drawer liner and trimmed that to the size I would need to fit under my rack. I also have a smaller square ruler, too small for the rack, laying under it on the drawer liner piece. I have a couple of other smaller mats I will add to the rack but I wanted to take a photo first before I filled it up. My largest mat is next to this drawer unit between it and the wall to keep it flat. But everything is centralized now so that will help will future projects for sure. Here is a side photo of this rack:

I like that I can see the size mats/rulers I have at a glance for projects I need them for. Happy now that I had picked up two of the racks when I bought the one for the craft room.

Back to finishing the wreath so I can get that photo posted later this week. . . First day of March so it will not be long until Spring and Easter arrive!!!  TFL

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