Sunday, March 29, 2020

Easter Tie On Wreaths

In the past I have made fabric holiday wreaths using scrap fabrics and fat quarters. The wreath below I made for BOO Day and it is called a Pillow Wreath:

Rummaging through my sewing room I came across Easter fabric that I did not have a lot of but enough for a couple of wreaths. I bought some fat quarters and a yard and a half of a print at Hobby Lobby and I made two fabric wreaths for Easter. This first one I took the photo with the bow laying on it and it is not attached yet and I had not finished decorating it but the photo shows how the fabric strips are tied onto the green wire wreath form from Mikes:

Easy wreath to put together once all the fabric strips are cut to size. This wreath is also quite flat so if you have a front door with a storm door and not much space between them this flatter style would work. I used the Bowdabra for my bow -- which needs to be fluffed up once the wreath was done.

This next fabric wreath uses many of the same fabric strips as the one wreath above but these strips are tied in a knot onto a green wire wreath form from Mikes. I also tied on sparkly tulle after every row of fabric strips were tied on and that gives the wreath some sparkle and glitter:

Again I used the Bowdabra for my checkered bow and that ribbon is from Mikes. This wreath is very full and it took longer to make since you are tying each strip onto the wreath form. Once all the strips were on I made the bow. I attached that using the Bowdabra wire. Using a glue gun I added various glittered styrofoam eggs from Mikes here and there. The "Happy Easter" egg shaped sign is from Hobby Lobby and that was on sale. Between the fullness of the wreath and the bow this wreath is very "thick" and much fuller than the first tied wreath. Of course this is my favorite but I do like the flat look of the other wreath as well.  Soon enough it will be Easter so glad I finished both wreaths before the holiday.

Here is a photo to show the strips on each wreath:

and this photo shows the sparkly tulle and the fabric strips on the fuller wreath:

For the strips you can tear your fabric or use pinking sheers but I just cut my strips using a rotary tool and ruler. It is a personal preference of how you want your strips to look.  YouTube has lots of videos showing these fabric wreaths and many people call them "rag wreaths" as well. TFL

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Bonnie said...

Very pretty, Candee! Love the pastel colors! Perfect for Easter!