Saturday, October 24, 2020

More BOO Day Treat Holders

 Wanted to use the  dies that arrived this week for the last of my BOO Day treat holders for this year. One of the dies was on back order and I was able to order it just in time for Halloween. It is the Witch Hat Treat Bag Topper die:

I used a stripe from a holiday paper pad from last year. I added black glittered tulle to the bottom edge of the witch hat using tear and tape on the inside of the hat. To cover all of this I also cut out a witch hat using black card stock and I glued that to the inside of the holder  - here is a photo (blurred) of the inside of the bag topper open and flat to show the black lining piece:

and here is a photo of the outside of this Witch hat bag topper:

I added glittered card stock stars and plastic spider scatters by the bow which I made using a bow die from my stash. The large spider is the spider that comes with the Witch hat topper set. Very easy to put together for a bag topper. 

Next is the "girls" -- I used a second die from MCT for a Tootsie Pop Holder:

First I cut out the ghost body/bag piece using white #110 weight card stock:

Even with using a heavier weight card stock the dies easily cut through the card stock with one pass in the die cutting machine and the stitching the die cuts also shows up on the white glittered card stock I used for the ghost face. When I cut the front piece out for the ghost I also used one of the eyes/mouth dies from the set for my face piece:

Using black shiny card stock I cut out the eyes/mouth die I used:

Here are the ghosts all assembled and decorated with the Tootsie Pops inside:

Here is a photo to show the glittery ghost face and the shiny black eyes/mouth pieces:

Cut a black and orange straw (Walmart) to cover the lollipop stick and added a small black pom pom to the top of the straw to give it a more finished look. Bows for the ghosts were made using scrap card stock prints and a small bow die from the stash. These were easy to put together and they are free standing. Using the white glittered card stock on the ghost face only saves the card stock for winter cards ahead - - plus I do not have a lot of this left as is... so will be needing to restock that soon. 

As for these holiday dies - the eyes and mouth pieces for the ghost are spaced evenly and all on one die piece so you do not have to worry about trying to line up the eyes with the mouth for the face. Plus with two different eyes/mouth dies you have options as to how your ghost face will look. 

Also - decided to pull out the Bow-It-All and make black gingham bows to add to the fronts of the BOO Bags I had made and I am happy I added those - 

The bows help to frame the crepe paper trim at the tops of the bags. Used hot glue to add the bows to the bags.  Happy Halloween!

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Bonnie said...

I love all the special little details you add to take these die cuts to a whole new level! More awesome Boo-day treats!