Thursday, October 20, 2022

Dollar Tree DIYing for Thanksgiving

First I had seen a video on YouTube from We Craft Around making a four ribbon wreath using zip ties. I checked for other videos and found the older one from Craig Bachman Imports from 2014. I am not sure if his was the original but I wanted to give both wreath makers credit. 

My Dollar Tree did not have any circle wire wreath frames so I used a frame I had in my stash. The directions is you use four ribbons and layer them on top of each other and make a loop with the stack of ribbons and then use Dollar Tree zip ties to attach the ribbon stack to the frame:

When the ribbons run out use more ribbons and keep adding them until your wreath form is full:

Once the wreath form was full I left some "tails" of the ribbons to hang down at the bottom of the wreath. With all loops on the wreath form I made sure all zip ties were tight and then I cut off the excess pieces of the zip ties. Now I could fan out the ribbons  -- did each loop of ribbons and tried to vary which order I fanned them out so all the ribbons are visible on the wreath and here is the finished wreath:

Very easy wreath to make and cheap too using the ribbons and zip ties from the Dollar Tree. 

These next wreaths -- bought the two pumpkin wreath forms last year at the Dollar Tree and the two signs I bought this year at HobLob on sale for 50% off Fall items. I had seen these pumpkin wreaths on Pinterest and I wanted to use the metal signs so with Pinterest inspiration I made my two pumpkin wreaths. First I painted my frames with brown chalk paint:

I painted the front and the back of the frames. Once dried I wired on the metal HobLob signs. Used all ribbons from my stash and the Bowdabra and made bows for each wreath. Here they are:

Simple wreaths to make and happy to use more of the ribbons from the stash!! Right now I am waiting for my Snowmen to dry and I will be posting those next.....

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