Friday, October 7, 2022

Stylin' Witch Hat

 Hat seen the Witch Hat wire form at the Dollar Tree so I picked one up and made this Witch Hat wreath for a door:

The orange fabric with the black stars was the only thing I did not buy at the Dollar Tree as I had a small piece of this fabric left in my stash. For the mesh curls on the bottom of the hat I used black, orange, and purple mesh from the DT. I put a black and orange mesh in one curl and a black and purple mesh in the other curl. I used three rolls of the black, 1 roll of the orange, and 1 roll of the purple mesh. In the end I had enough of the black mesh to make a few extra curls with two pieces of the black mesh. I used these black curls to fill in where I wanted more volume and also for the ribbon at the top of the hat. All printed holiday ribbons are also from the DT. Once I had all the mesh curls on the bottom of the hat wire form I then hot glued two DT pumpkins, their purple/black flowers, and three large black pom poms I had in my stash. (Also I attached all mesh rolls and ribbons to the wire wreath form using black pipe cleaners). 

For the spider webs on the hat I used scissors and cut the glittered spider webs out of the spider web tulle from the DT. I put the webs on the hat using Glossy Accents. For the black spider I used 110# weight black card stock and black glittered card stock and glued those together. Added a green crystal from my stash for the spider so he would show up on the orange fabric hat.

 Easy project to put together for the up coming holiday. 

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Bonnie said...

Love this, Candee! Very creative and fun!