Saturday, October 22, 2022

(Faux) Tobacco Stick Snowmen

Had seen Lisa from Our Shabby Cottage on YouTube making her Tobacco Stick Snowmen and I decided that would be a cute holiday project to make.... but.... I have no tobacco sticks, no corks for his hat so what to do??

Asked DH if he had any older scrap woods in his scrap wood bin in the garage and he checked and he had plenty so he asked what I wanted it for --- I told him for the Snowmen ornaments I was making. He had a piece of wood that was 3/4" wide so he cut me pieces that are 4 1/2" x 3/4". I ordered wooden circles off of Amazon for the Snowman hat and those are 1 1/2" circles. For the top of my hat DH cut a 3/4" wood dowel into 1 inch pieces and I borrowed his wood glue for those. Also DH picked up small eye hooks for me during his last trip to the big box hardware store... 

Here is a photo of the Snowmen:

Like in her video I lightly brushed white acrylic paint on the four sides of the sticks - I did not sand the sticks to make them smooth but left them the way they are so they are more rustic. I used wood glue and put the dowel piece in the center of the wood circles for his hat/brim. Once those were dry I used black acrylic paint and painted his hat. With those dried I used wood glue and put the hats on the top of the sticks and set these aside to dry. Once set and dried I used ribbons from the stash to put on his hat and I used a snowflake punch for the snowflakes on his hat and the holly pieces are embellishments from Hobby Lobby. DH drilled a small hole for the eye hooks and I put those on the hats so I can hang the snowmen on a holiday tree, or gift bag, or on a gift or whatever. 

For my snowman face I used the small Snowman Face stamp from Morningstar Stamps and I stamped his face on the stick using black ink. Once that was dried I used an orange marker for his nose. Using scrap fabrics from my stash I used scissors and cut thin strips of fabric for the snowman scarf. I tied the scarf pieces on the snowmen. Used a little hot glue to keep those in place. Trimmed the ends with the scissors. For the black buttons I used a black Sharpie marker. Used red and white twine from Hobby Lobby for the twine to hang they snowman with. More photos:

The small Snowman Face stamp gets lots of use for the holidays in this craft room:

Happy I came across Lisa's cute Tobacco Stick Snowman project so I have a cute tie on for the holidays ahead -- they would look good on a wreath or a tiered tray or as a table place marker. Cute idea and easy to put together. Thanks to her for sharing her cute Snowman project! And thanks to DH for his scrap wood, cutting it to size, and drilling the hat for my eye hook!

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Bonnie said...

These snowmen are awesome, Candee! Your hubby came across with his scraps and dowels! A good partnership and some adorable ornaments!