Wednesday, October 4, 2023

BOO Day Pokey tool and markers - -

DSD ordered me a set of Halloween coloured beads off Amazon and she brought them over for me to use. She suggested I use them to make a BOO Day pokey tool for myself and so I did:

For my pokey tools I use the scribe pins sold at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry supply department. They are sold in packages of 2 and they are on sale often so it does not cost a lot to make a pokey tool. Except for the larger beads my DSD gave me the rest of the beads/charms are from my stash. 

To adhere the beads to the scribe pin I use E6000 adhesive. Once all the beads are in place I leave this to dry overnight. For my beaded dangle I used a ghost and a spider web charm from the stash and other beads that I thought would match well with the larger holiday beads:

Here is a photo of this pokey tool standing up so you can see the dangle better:

Recent trip to the Dollar Tree and I found the glittered markers in the craft section. They are sold in packages of 2 so I picked up a pack of each color:

Ran them across scrap white card stock to show the colour and how much sparkle they have:

I will use them to add sparkle and shine to embellishments and such. I ran my finger over them to see if they rub off (after they dried) and the shine did not smear off so I will have to see how they stand up with use.... but happy with them so far.... no smearing......

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