Thursday, July 20, 2017

BOO Day Lollie

Had seen the lollies made in the past and wanted to make one for Halloween so here is my BOO Day lollie:

Basically the lollies are rosettes on a stick or a straw for whatever holiday or occasion you want to make them for. Had not made one of these in the past so decided for my lollie that I had to have whatever I was using for the base decided first. For my base I used orange glittered card stock and cut out the Spellbinders Pumpkins circle die -- I used the largest circle in that die set. With the orange glittered card stock piece cut out I also cut out a second piece from printed card stock for the back of the lollie. Put the back piece onto the back of the glittered piece using the ATG and set this aside.

For my larger rosette I used a piece of black dotted card stock and I cut my strip 1 1/2" wide by 12". I cut a second piece 1 1/2" wide by 6". I scored these strips every 1/4" on the M Stewart scoreboard. Once they were scored I folded them on the scored lines and then attached the shorter piece to my longer piece using red sticky tape. Using a hot glue gun I put the rosette onto a 1" black card stock circle. Set this aside.

For the smaller rosette for the front I cut a piece of card stock 1" wide by 11" long. Scored this every 1/4" on the score board. Folded and hot glued this to a 1" black card stock circle. Used a decorative die and cut out a piece of purple card stock for behind the smaller rosette. Put the smaller rosette onto the purple die cut piece using the hot glue gun. Set this aside.

For the ghost I used a ghost die and cut out a ghost from white glittered card stock. Used an small oval punch and punched out a piece of black card stock and used a glue pen to glue this to the back of the ghost so his eye and mouth holes are black. For the "boo" --  this is another piece of "klipboard" I made using  the tear tab to the top of a kleenex box. This photo shows my black die cut piece cut out of shiny black card stock that has the Ken Oliver Stick It sheet behind it. This way my die cut piece already has adhesive on it. With the kleenex box cardboard "boo" cut out all I need to do is peel off the backing of the Stick It sheet behind the black "boo" and put it on top of the cardboard "boo". This makes the letters raised and gives them dimension on a project:

Also cut out "trick or treat" for the back of the lollie -- this photo shows that the thinner, more detailed dies, also cut out well from the cardboard:

With my greetings cut out all I needed to do was assemble the lollie. To begin with I put the "trick or treat" greeting on the backside of the lollie using a glue pen:

Added orange glittered stars and purple foil stars to the back and that is done. Flipped this over and used the glue gun and put the larger black rosette onto the pumpkin edged circle. Then used the glue gun and put the purple and smaller rosette piece onto the front of the black one. Using a holiday straw from the dollar store I put the straw onto the circle, under the black rosette, using the glue gun. Used glue dots and tucked the ghost under the smaller rosette but in front of the purple die cut piece.

For the "boo" I cut a piece of scrap white card stock and used a banner punch for the ends. Used a glue pen and put the "boo" onto the banner piece. Used red sticky tape to put this onto the lollie under the black rosette and onto the glittered card stock base. Added glittered shapes using a M Stewart border punch. For the center of the smaller rosette I punched out a smaller glittered circle and I put crystal effects over that. Then cut out a purple circle to put that onto once it dried. With it dried I put it onto the center of the rosette using the glue gun.

Added a dotted ribbon, yarn, and black bias tape to the lower front of the lollie using glue dots to hold them in place. Used the glue gun and added the tulle bow piece I made. Added a gem from the stash to the center of that.

The lollie can be used to decorate a holiday table, or be tucked into a treat holder/bag, or just be a greeting for someone for Halloween. The lollies make good use of card stocks you may not like or bits and pieces you have to use for decorations on them. Here is a photo to show the layers of the lollie:

Another use of rosettes. Lots of ideas for lollies on the internet and many videos to watch for the how to's of this project. TFL


Bonnie said...

This is so clever, Candee! Love the glitter pieces added in that give it even more texture and interest! Stay cool!

Candee said...

Thanks Bonnie for the nice comment on the BOO Day Lollie. What holiday is not worth glittered card stock???? Keep cool with the heat advisory -- great time for crafting!! :0) Thanks for your blog visit as well! Candee P