Saturday, June 13, 2020

Circle Embellishments

Had seen this video by Wandy Sweets for her cute embellishments and so I made some for myself:

Here is a photo of my embellishments:

These would be cute on clothspins, or paperclips, or even as a decoration on a bag topper. The only thing different I did was I used white/GP as backing for all my circles for the embellishments as some of my printed card stock is lightweight. The backing card stock makes the circles more sturdy and this will help if I should use them on paperclips or the clothespins.

Here is a closer photo of them:

All the card stocks are from my stash and the only thing I did not have was the word beads. I bought a bag of those at Mikes and these are very easy to put together. Cute idea -- am thinking I will make some up using Christmas card stocks or maybe snowflake card stocks for the holidays. Thanks to Wandy for her cute idea and an easy video to follow!

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