Tuesday, July 25, 2017

BOO Boxes 2017

Stumbled across a video on Youtube by Debra Rogers where she had made her own boxes and then decorated them for Halloween (BOO Day). She also decorated some of her boxes into houses for Halloween which is another cute idea. Here is a link to her video:


She said she found this box template, a Happy Meal box, from Bona - on LiveLoveScrap. Here is a link to her box template video:


A BIG thank you to both ladies for such a fun project. To begin with I had seen Debra's video first and that inspired me to watch the video by Bona for her Happy Meal box template. I have many box die sets on hand but this box is a larger size and too cute not to make up. After making this first box I have decided this will be the BOO Boxes I make for Halloween this year for the gals at work:

Whenever I watch a how-to video I usually watch the video and take notes -- write down sizes or maybe tips or other info I will need to make the project. For Bona's box I watched her video from start to finish and then watched it a second time and made a drawing to work from. Whenever you use the score board to make a box you have to know what pieces to cut off for your box or what pieces you need to just clip the scored lines. In Bona's video you will see she makes the two pieces for her box and then she works on the front piece followed by the back piece. Once I had taken notes I decided to use scrap card stock and make a box front and a box back piece with the trimming on each piece for folding into the box shape. I used two different colour card stocks so I could easy see how these two pieces go together for the box. Here is my sample box front piece:

The blue piece is the front of the box sample piece to show what I need to trim away and also where the scored lines are at the top of the box for folding it closed. Used the Punch board for the center top with the SU Word Window punch for the handle. This green piece is the back of the box piece:

I will keep these sample pieces so I will have them on hand when I make more of these boxes. (Also I cut out a smaller sized box using this pattern for other projects). Here is the photo of the front sample and actual front box piece and then the back pieces:

I used tear and tape to put my box together. I taped the sides together and left this flat. Using black ink I sponged the edges of the box and all scored lines. With the box flat I decorated the front, sides, and back using older Sizzix Halloween dies -- yellow and green dies. Once all decorated I then formed the box and used tear and tape for the bottom of the box.

I cut the fence die out of black glittered card stock. For the two fences on the sides of the box I left those one layer and used a glue pen to put them on the box sides near the bottom. For the fence piece on the front of the box I wanted that to have dimension so I made a fence klipboard piece - klipboard is what I call this -- I cut out a fence piece from the tear off tab from the top of a kleenex box. Then cut out a second fence piece from the glittered card stock. Put that onto the kleenex box fence piece using a glue pen - here is a photo to show this fence piece is a bit thicker with the card board behind it:

For the "Trick or Treat" signs on the front of the fence - I printed those onto white/GP card stock on the computer and cut them to the size I wanted. Sponged the edges of those with the black ink. Put them onto the glittered fence piece using red sticky tape. Used a spider web die to cut out a black spider web. Used scissors to cut that to the size I wanted for the box front. Put this onto the box using a glue pen. Added a 3" circle of green print to the box front. Cut a strip of that card stock for the lower front of the box front. Put these onto the box front using the ATG. Put the fence onto the box front using red sticky tape.

For the pumpkins on the box front and sides I used two punches -- the pumpkin punch is M Stewart and the pumpkin face is a small punch I bought used:

Rather than punch out the tiny pumpkin face pieces and then try to use glue to get them onto the pumpkin I decided to do this the easier way -- punched out the face punch from orange card stock. Used scissors to cut that into a square and then used the pumpkin punch and punched over the face. Used the pumpkin punch and punched out a black pumpkin -- now these two pieces can easily be layered for an easy pumpkin face:

Used the glue pen on the orange pumpkin to put this onto the black pumpkin piece. Sponged the edges of the pumpkin with ink for shading. Here is the decorated fence piece on the front of the box:

The Tim Holtz Rosette die was used for the rosette behind the glittery bat. Used the hot glue gun to form the rosette. Put this onto a black scalloped card stock piece using glue dots. Die cut the bat from black glittered card stock. Cut this die out again using the kleenex box. Wanted the bat to have green eyes so punched out a small circle of green card stock and used the glue pen to put this on the backside of the glittered bat. Using craft glue I put this bat piece onto the kleenex box cardboard bat piece. Using large glue dots I put the bat onto the front of the rosette:

Put the bat/rosette piece on the edge of the printed green circle piece on the box front using glue dots. Used the Sizzix ghosts die for the white glittered ghosts. Behind their eyes and mouth I used a small oval punch and punched out a piece of black card stock. Used the glue pen to put these black ovals on the back of the ghost faces. Put one ghost next to the fence piece on the front of the box. Used mini glue dots for the black flocked bugs and the foil spider by the web. Added sequins from the dollar store using glue dots:

For the top edge of the box I added a printed card stock panel and used black trim from Hobby Lobby at the top. Put that onto the box using red sticky tape. Added a strip of green crystals to the black trim piece. For "BOO to you" I printed that off my computer onto white/GP card stock and used a banner punch for that. Sponged the edges of this with black ink. Ran this strip over the bone folder to give this piece a "wave" look and put this onto the box top section using glue dots. Added two green crystals from the stash. Put a ghost at one end of the banner using glue dots:

Here is what the sides of the box look like:

Used two prints of card stock for the back of my box:

To keep my box closed I used black velcro dots at the top of my box. I did not want to use white velcro as I think the black looks better since it is for Halloween and I have both black and white velcro circles in the stash box. Here is a photo of my BOO Box next to the SU Berry Basket I had made for last fall to show the size of this Happy Meal Box from Bona:

This BOO Box will hold lots of treats and other treat holders -- Coffin box, pillow box, nugget holders, etc for Halloween. Each box will be a different colour and decorated differently. Will post them as they are made. Debra had decorated her first Halloween box using plastic skulls and a plastic hand from Mikes and they are too cute but Mikes is just beginning to put out their Halloween decorations and craft supplies so I will have to stop back later this week to pick up some cute accessories for my BOO Boxes.

BIG THANKS to Debra and Bona for such a fun project!!  TFL


Bonnie said...

This sounds really complicated to me but you know that I am box challenged! This box is a masterpiece with all the cute Boo Day details! I know it will be filled with lots of yummy treats too.

Candee said...

Thanks Bonnie for your nice comment on the BOO Box. Once I saw the video I thought it would be easier to make a front and back sample piece in different colours so I could see how this all went together. Also while I was making those pieces I also downsized the pattern and can now make a smaller version of the BOO Box. It was easy to put together if you do the front piece and then the back piece. But it seems all boxes can be a challenge!!! Even if I use a die for them!! Thanks for your blog visit! Candee P