Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Clear Treat Box

 Had seen this treat holder made by Patti Dolan on YouTube and I had to make some - here is the link to her video and it is easy to follow:


Here is a photo of my treat holders:

She used the acetate boxes from SU for her treat holders:

As she explains in her video she left the box flat and measured the length and then marked it at the half way point which is 4" and she cut the box in half using scissors. I did the same and here is one of the boxes cut in half:

I put the box together as a half box and I measured it for the card stock I used - for my boxes I used only double sided card stocks and for the box piece I cut my printed card stock 5 1/2" long by 4 3/8" wide. Using a large scallop die I die cut one of the straight edges of my card stock piece:

With the opposite end from the scallop end (the straight cut end) I put the straight edge on the left side of the scoreboard and scored this piece at 3" and again at 3 5/8". Used a bone folder to crease these lines:

I used Dove chocolate hearts for the candies in this holder and I put those on the card stock using a large glue dot to keep them in place. With the candies on the card stock I slid this into the half acetate box. To keep this holder closed I made a belly band as she had in the video but when I make belly bands I do not pre score them first. I wrap them around the holder and finger press the crease lines. For my belly band I cut a piece of card stock 1" x 8" and once the creases were finger pressed I used a bone folder to crease those lines. I put the belly band together using tear and tape. 

For the circle greeting I used a Valentine stamp from the stash and a circle punch to cut those out. For the gold scallop pieces behind the greeting I used gold foil poster board sheets from the Dollar Tree and a scalloped circle punch to punch those out. Used a small heart punch for the hearts in the center of the greeting circles.

The belly band is attached to itself so it can easily slide off the holder:

You can put the belly band in the center of your holder:

But you can also put it to the side as well:

Here is a photo to show the back of these treat holders:

Because you can see the card stock through the clear boxes you need to use double sided card stocks. Also if you should use a directional pattern remember when it is used as the front flap on this treat holder your pattern will be upside down on the front scalloped flap so be sure to use a non directional pattern.  Thanks to Patti for sharing her cute treat holder for Valentine's Day and her easy to follow video on YouTube for this!

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Yummy treats and containers!