Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Christmas Clean Up Cuteness

Cleaning up all the holiday project residue in the craft room... card stocks, trims, washi tapes, stamps, and dies. Have a bin on the work table that holds new products that were ordered during the holiday sales and are waiting to be used or put away for future holiday projects.... Went through the bin and this post is about a die set I ordered before Christmas....

DH wanted me to order something for him off Amazon before Christmas and the price did not qualify for the free Prime shipping so I quickly searched for a product for the craft room to bring the total up to the Prime shipping minimum.

Here is the die set I bought for me:

Simple little holiday bow die set. I wanted a die set that had antlers with a bow. Amazon has other sets similar to this but I liked the size and the shape of these antlers and that they are thicker looking and do not look thin like branches. As with many of the Amazon die sets there is no photo packaging with the die set so I always make a sample of the die cut out and keep it with the die set so in the future when I am going through the dies at a glance I will know what the die set looks like cut out and assembled. 

Using holiday scrap printed card stocks I made up two of this die set bows:

For the antler piece I cut that out of recycled cardboard. This die set comes with the bow center strip and also an oval die piece for the center of the bow:

This bow is approx 2 3/4" from bottom of bow to top of antlers and it is just shy of  3" in width once assembled.  Here are the two samples together:

The die set also has a small snowflake die piece so you can cut that out and put it in the bow center or just on the front of the bow piece. This die set will get used for this next holiday season and the treat holders or tags. (On Amazon these bow dies with the antlers are under "deer horns").  Cute project and another good use for scraps. 

Here is the die set on the magnetic sheet for storage with the two bow samples I made:

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