Saturday, January 14, 2023

Fringe Benefits - - -

Used the crepe paper fringe on past projects:

Decided I wanted to make fringe for some of the Valentine treat holders I was making. For each fringe piece I used 6 pieces of crepe paper cut to approx 12 inches long. For my Valentine fringe I used three colours - red, white, and a light pink. First I cut all the crepe paper and put it in stacks for each of my fringe pieces. I made two different patterns -- one stack has two light pink pieces, then two white pieces, and two red pieces. The other stack had one red piece, one white piece, one light pink piece, then repeated. I used a thin line of hot glue on each piece of crepe paper to stack the pieces together:

Once all the stacks were glued I used fringe scissors to cut each side up to the hot glue line:

With the fringe cut on each side then I scrunched the crepe paper:

The above photo shows the stack of crepe paper glued together, then cut with the fringe scissors, and the bottom piece is after it is scrunched using my hands. This photo will show how stacking the crepe paper differently gives the fringe a different pattern:

The scrunched fringe piece second from the top in the above photo shows the pattern you get by stacking your two pieces of each colour together - I have two light pink pieces on the bottom. two white pieces, and then the two red pieces on top of the stack. When it is scrunched you can see the red in the center, then white, then light pink on the bottom.  The second scrunched piece shows the pattern the three colour crepe papers make when you alternate them - light pink, white, red, light pink, white, and then red. When you scrunch that stack you can see the red throughout your piece and it is not a definite stripe look. 

Using the Gift Bag die set from Spellbinders I made some treat bags for Valentine's Day and I decorated them using this fringed trim at the top:

The above photos show the fringe with the crepe paper stacked together - 2 pieces of each colour on top of each other. This next photo shows the fringe with the coloured crepe paper alternated:

Two different looks using the same crepe paper. Easy trim to make and easy to put together using the hot glue. 

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