Sunday, January 15, 2023

Heart Shaped Rosette with no die - -

 Had seen the video by Vianneycreates on YouTube with instructions to make a heart shaped rosette without having to buy a die for this. I watched the video and followed her instructions. First I pulled out a piece of printed 12 x 12 card stock. Cut a 3 inch x 12 inch strip off of that. Put the 3 inch strip on the scoreboard and scored this piece every 1/4 inches as she explains. Once it was all scored I took it to the trimmer and cut this strip in half lengthwise so you have two 1 1/2 inch x 12 inch long strips. (She explains that she cuts it in 3 inch x 12 inch strips and then scores it and when you cut it in half you now have two strips already scored for your two rosettes). 

Once it is scored and cut down to the 1 1/2 inch x 12 inch strip you fold it in half and then draw the pattern for the heart rosette - which looks like a landscape design:

I drew the landscape shape with a pencil and cut this out using scissors:

Fold the strip on the scored lines. When that is done I used tear and tape to put the ends of the rosette together and that then has to be trimmed off as you do not want that point there:

She uses circles of card stock and covers them in hot glue and presses down her heart shaped rosette and tries to shape her rosette all at once. I make my rosettes the way Tim Holtz shows -- crease the score lines, tape the rosette ends together and stand up the rosette on your craft mat. Put a dollup of hot glue on the craft mat in the center of the standing rosette and use two hands to press the rosette into the hot glue on the craft mat and hold in place until set. I find this much easier than trying to make sure the circle you use for your base is in the center of the rosette on the backside. (Photo not taken but I use my brown Ranger craft mat to make all my rosettes on as the hot glue will not stick to the mat or damage my table top craft mat). 

With the heart rosette made I die cut out a white doily piece to use as a base for the decorated rosette. Used hot glue to put the heart rosette onto the doily. Then cut out a glittered tulle circle to put on top of the rosette, gathered up metallic silver thread and used a red foil die cut heart for the front of the rosette. Added a "love" word across the front and the rosette embellishment is done:

Here is a photo to show the size of this rosette embellishment next to the round rosettes I had made for my Valentine's Day bag toppers:

I also put this heart shaped rosette embellishment on the front of my Valentine gift bag to show it is a nice size for that:

That was nice of VianneyCreates to share her pattern for the heart rosettes so yo do not have to buy a die to make them. Cute idea for Valentine embellishments!

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