Sunday, February 19, 2023

Built to specs . . .

When does it stop??? Seems like organizing, sorting, moving items around in craft room never ends.... I decided I wanted to centralize many of the stamping tools I use all the time so I decided what I wanted and how I wanted it to work so took my plan and went out to the garage to ask DH to build this for me...

I moved my lower drawer Alex unit next to my work table and I wanted to keep my trimmer and other stamping items on top of that so I would need a shelf unit built - but I wanted it to also have a shelf. Here is a photo of the new shelf DH built for my craft room:

I will be on vacation the last week of March so my plan is to paint this white to match the Alex unit it is on top of. I put everything on it that I wanted it for and it is all loaded up and ready for future projects:

On the top is my Genesis Trimmer which was a gift years ago. Then the shelf has my two MISTIs and my scoreboards - I have two Martha Stewart scoreboards because I used to take Stampin Up stamp classes but no one offers those anymore. When I took classes I had a bag packed with all my most used supplies in it for classes so I could just grab the bag and head to classes.. but once the classes stopped I unpacked the bag and no longer needed that packed up for anything. 

On the bottom are two trimmers - the black one I use for clear packaging, card board, and anything else I would not want to use the Genesis for. I also have a the small Ranger trimmer as well as my old Carl paper trimmer. Under the black trimmer is my WeRMemory Keepers glass mat. 

Happy to have all these items next to me on top of the Alex unit. I reorganized the drawers in the Alex unit to hold my most needed items for my projects:

Between Christmas and Valentine's Day I used lots of tear and tape and glues so happy I have been able to replenish those for Easter projects ahead. The second drawer has pop dots and the sheets they are kept on. I keep the sheets and use scissors to cut apart the smaller pieces for projects I need a small pop dot piece for:

I also put all my Velcro strips and dots in a clear box with lid to keep those together:

Happy to get this area organized and in place for future projects. It will certainly be helpful to have so many of the most used items right next to me and off the top of the work table when I am crafting. Thanks to DH for making my shelf for me and happy it turned out better than I thought it would!!

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