Saturday, February 4, 2023

Glue Stoppers

Decided I would make myself and my PIC (stamping Partner In Crime) our own glue stoppers that can be found all over YouTube. Here is a photo of the two stoppers I made:

I bought my stainless steel pins for my stoppers from Amazon - they have a clear crystal at the top of them. (You need to use stainless steel pins so they will not rust in your glue bottle and turn your glue brown from the rust). Here is a photo of the first one I made and it is for me:

The top of the pin is a clear crystal and using E6000 adhesive I put a white seed bead, then a red bead, and a second white seed bead. Below that I used an earring back and that gave me two loops to hang my dangles on. I used various beads from the stash and the two red flower pieces are from HobbyLobby. The chains, beads, and jump rings are from my stash. I put a earring stopper at the base of the glue stopper for now and when I put it on my glue container that can be removed. 

My pic is a purple person and I will say you are hard pressed to find a lot of purple crafting items in this craft room but I went through all the beads and was able to come up with some options for her glue stopper:

I made her stopper for Valentine's Day and to package this I used the mini Match Box die set from Hero Arts that I recently used for a Valentine treat box:

I put my glue stopper in one of these match boxes to see if it would fit:

Since it fit I made a purple box for my pic for her stopper:

Hoping she likes her glue stopper.... In her bag I decorated - similar to this one:

I bought her a set of the Heart Bag Topper dies from Here is the die set of three bag toppers - small, medium, and large:

and the larger die is on the back:

Here is a photo of some of the bag toppers I made for Valentine's Day and I used the largest die for my bag toppers:

and a closer photo of one of the rosettes I had made to put on the bag toppers:

The glue stoppers are easy to assemble and having the earring back at the base of the beads gives you two loops for your dangles to hang from. 

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