Sunday, February 26, 2023

Dollar Tree Bunnies

Recently shopped a Dollar Tree store I never shopped at before and they had these wooden bunny deco pieces in their Easter section. There were two of these but one was missing a large piece of wood on the side of it so I picked up just one of these wooden pieces. Brought it home and decorated it:

I left the wooden bunny as it was and just decorated the ears and added a bow and a face and heart nose to the bunny face. I wanted to find more of these bunnies but I checked the two Dollar Tree stores I usually shop at and they did not have any of these bunnies in stock.. My DSD sent me a text the other day saying she was stopping at her Dollar Tree and was there anything I was looking for? I told her about this bunny and sent her a photo of the back of the bunny with the stock number on it:

Happy me that she called and she was able to pick up more of these bunnies for me. Here is what they look like when you buy them:

For this new batch of bunnies I used acrylic paints I had in my stash - white and a gray. I added water to the paint and mixed that in and then painted the wooden bunnies. The gray was much darker than I wanted so for the two gray bunnies after the gray paint dried I went over it with the foam brush I had used for the white bunnies just to add a little white to the gray. Here is a photo of all the bunnies that are painted, decorated, and finished:

For all bunnies I used an oval punch for the ear pieces -- that oval is 1 3/4 x 7/8. I used printed card stocks from the stash for the ears. Since the printed card stocks are thinner paper I punched out the printed ear pieces and punched out scrap white card stock pieces and glued them together to make the ear pieces more sturdy. Once those were dry I put them on the painted bunnies using liquid glue. For the bows I used my Easter 6x6 paper pads and the medium bow die set from Pink & Main for the bows. All the flowers are from the stash. With all the bows die cut I formed the bows and I used hot glue to put the bow at the base of the left ear. I added the flowers to the center of the bows using the hot glue as well. 

For the black eyes I used black crystals from the stash and put those on the face using liquid glue. The heart nose was punched out using a multi heart punch from EK Success from light pink glittered card stock and used glue to put that on the bunny face. I used a small dauber for the inked circle cheeks on the face using pink inks. East project to put together. These little bunnies would look good on a rag Easter wreath or a table decoration, etc.. Happy DSD was able to find more of these bunnies for me and am sure I will be able to use these for decorating for Easter!

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Bonnie said...

So cute! Lucky your DSD found more for you!