Sunday, September 25, 2016

Does the Easter Bunny know???

First we had Peeps for Easter... yellow, pink, green, and blue...

Peeps are now available for Halloween.... ghosts and pumpkins...

For Christmas they have Peep Christmas trees.....

Recent trip to Walgreens I came across Cadbury Scream Eggs for Halloween.... Decided to pick some up for the treat bags I am putting together but what to put them in???

Decided to try the holder pattern I use for the Ferrero Rocher candies that I have made for Halloween. Knowing the Cadbury eggs are heavier than the Rocher candies I decided to change out my card stock to use a thicker weight. Here is my Cadbury Scream Egg in my Rocher pattern treat holder using Stampin Up black card stock:

Used the pattern the same way but the heavier card stock seems to be fine to hold this egg. Here is a photo of the side of the holder showing how the egg sits in it:

Used the SU black card stock for the treat holder base and used a Halloween print for the back of the holder. Put the printed card stock onto the holder using the ATG before I folded the holder closed. For the pumpkin trim I used a dollar spool of trim from Walmart. Cut the pumpkin length to the size I needed for the holder front and I put the pumpkin strip onto the holder using thin red sticky tape:

Again used the Stampin Up Scalloped Tag Topper punch for the top of the holder and I tied black tulle on that using orange satin ribbon:

Here is a photo of the Cadbury Scream Egg next to the two holders I have made for the Ferrero Rocher candies:

These holders go together quickly and make good use of scrap printed card stocks and trims. They are free standing holders so would be nice on a table or desk. TFL

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