Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ghostly Nugget Treat Holders

Had seen this treat holder made up but do not know who it is from -- if I should find it again I will post their name/blog.

For these nugget holders first I used a Sizzix ghost die and cut out my ghosts from white glittered card stock -- this photo shows two of the holders with the ghosts facing the opposite direction. For that I cut a ghost out with the glittered card stock side to the die and then for the next ghost I turned the glittered card stock over, glittered side up, and cut out another ghost. This is how they face two different directions:

For the bats I used black glittered card stock and a M Stewart bat punch. Glue dots do not work on this glittered card stock so I used TomBow glue to put the bats onto the ghosts. Then added a clear crystal from the stash to the center of the bat. Set these aside.

Using two printed card stocks I cut my nugget wrapper pieces 1" x 3 1/8". Wrapped those wrappers around the nuggets and used glue dots to hold them in place. Made a tray to hold the nuggets in place. I used black card stock from Mikes and cut that 1 3/4" wide by 4 7/8" long. With the short end at the top of the score board I scored it at 1/4 and then turned this piece around and scored the other long side at 1/4. Used the bone folder to crease these lines. Put the five nuggets onto the black tray alternating the prints -- my nuggets are three dotted prints and two stripe prints per tray.

Bought the package of 75 pretzel clear bags by Wilton @ Mikes -- used a 50% off coupon from AC Moore for that. These pretzel bags are 2 1/4" wide -- the pretzel bags sold on the candy making aisle are 3" wide and that is too big for these nugget holders. I put the candy nuggets on the tray in the pretzel bag and then used black tulle to tie a bow to close the bag. Once that was tied I trimmed the ends of the tulle and pretzel bag off using scissors.

Using glue dots on the back side of the glittered ghosts I put one ghost on each nugget holder. Easy holder to put together and the nugget wrappers use up scraps of printed card stocks. TFL and YOLO

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