Sunday, March 20, 2022

Trip to Ikea

 The nearest IKEA to me is a three hour trip to Charlotte and I usually make that trip a few times a year. The last time I was there was late last summer when I shopped a closing sale of a favorite paper crafting store. With that store now closed the only reason to make the trip would be Ikea so I made a list of the items and item numbers I was looking for so I would be sure to remember everything I wanted to look at or buy...

Mikes has a craft cart they sell and their cart has a wooden piece that you can set on top of the cart. When that first came out I had already bought a few of the Raskog carts for my craft room so I checked the Ikea website to see if they also offered a wooden piece for their carts. I saw they have a cutting board that would fit the Raskog carts but this cutting board was not available in the US stores... until.... with me making my list for this trip I also looked on their website for this "Hogsma" cutting board for the Raskog carts. Happy me that I saw that the Charlotte store now carries this cutting board so that item moved to the top of the shopping list.... 

First stop at Ikea was the kitchen section where they have all their cutting boards -- NO Hogsma cutting boards to be found -- grrrrr... the website had said they had 128 of them in stock but none to be found... so my DSD was shopping with me and she asked an associate she saw and they told her those cutting boards were upstairs in the kitchen accessory department. She went upstairs and found them for me -- here is a photo of the packaging:

And the numbers on the back of it:

Here is a photo of the the cutting board on my Raskog cart in the craft room:

This fits the cart nicely and it is a good weight so not flimsy. The Raskog carts are also well made and they hold a lot of items in my craft room. The board can easily be lifted off so get to the things I store on the top of the cart. I am happy Ikea now sells these cutting boards that fit the carts -- but it would make sense if they sold these cutting boards with all the other types of cutting boards they offer in the same department - some of them with the cutting boards and maybe some with the kitchen accessory department....

Also bought some more of their storage bins that I store my metal dies in so this was a good trip to Ikea.... In the plaza next to Ikea is a Hobby Lobby and we shopped there as well and then had a late lunch and headed home... Another fun day trip with a great find for the craft room!

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