Sunday, March 20, 2022

What is inside PIC's bag?

 Made an Easter gift bag for my PIC (Stamping Partner In Crime) - here is a photo of the bag:

Which I gave to her early as she will see everything on my blog anyways . . .  So what is inside this Easter treat bag? I always make treat holders for chocolates... but after they are gone you have now empty treat holders..... last year I made my PIC a decorated pokey tool:

Her craft room is decorated with her favorite colour purple so the purple pokey tool in the photo was for her. This year I wanted to give her a few things for her craft room but also for the holiday... but how to package them??? Decided to try making a Pocket Flip Book for her and here is that:

The Pocket Flip Book is mainly three envelopes I made using the envelope punch board and I also added two flat pockets inside for extra goodies for her. The attached photos are things I gave her in her flip book but I took photos of mine that are already out of the packaging for the most part. 

In the first envelope of the flip book is a set of the sticker gems from the Dollar Tree I picked up for both her and myself:

In one of the flat pockets is a new release die from IOStamps (Impression Obsession) and it is a sewing machine die. (I do not have a photo of that as I only bought the one for her). In the center envelope I have this bunny die set from AliExpress:

Due to the smaller dies in this set I did not cut apart the die pieces so I would not lose any of them. Since the dies from AliExpress do not have photo packaging I die cut the die when I get it from scrap card stocks and put a put-together die piece in with the die set so at a glance I will know what this die set makes. Here is a finished product using this die set on one of the Easter treat holders I made her:

In the other flat pocket I die cut the bunny again so she could keep a sample with her die set if she wants when she stores her die set. The last pocket has a set of three chunky carrot dies and that is from Oriental Trading:

Their packaging also does not have a photo so I die cut her the three carrots using my die set and put it with hers so she would have the die cuts to store with the die set. Besides the pocket book I gave her twine from Hobby Lobby and also a mini scraper I had picked up for us at the Dollar Tree:

And lastly --- I had seen the video on glues by "Scrapbooking with ME Crafts" on Youtube. She talks about all the different glues available, what they work well on, how they work, etc.. She talked about the thicker glues -- Fabric-Tac, Fabric Fix, and other Beacon glues. I like the 3 in 1 glue by Beacon and I buy mine at Hobby Lobby but with it being a thicker glue the cap the bottle has is a bigger tip. When you use this glue in their bottle it can "glerk" out and I find I have to use a toothpick to get the finer line of glue I want to use on a project.  She spoke about using icing bottles to use with these thicker glues and so I bought a set of them with the silicone caps for my PIC and myself:

These plastic bottles are easier to squeeze than the Beacon bottles and the tips are fine so you get a smaller line of glue using them - I bought our sets off Amazon and here is part of the packaging:

The bottles with tips and the silicone caps are by Sugarbelle and the silicone caps fit easily over the silver tips for an air tight seal so your glue will not dry out. Happy to have seen her video on all the glues with all the tips and products she shared for them. Hoping my PIC is able to use some of the non chocolate Easter treats in her bag long after Easter is over. . .

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